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Greetings everyone!

Hope the New Year has seen you well so far. *superhugs* Yes, it may be stinking hot at my house at this moment but this year is definitely going to be better than lasts years shocker. My apologies for my slackness in posting/replying over the christmas holiday period. I've chillaxed, watched many a good dvd and enjoyed the most excellent company of both Jenn and Margaret (who I miss) at their house down the coast and have now arrived back in the Big City only to be baked alive. I did, however, purchase some excellent crochet yarn and have started on the cogs project and completed some purple and blue/silver/gold tabi for Kathryn's birthday. I think they're awesome.

Today, I braved the heat and had success: 1 new ID card!! My proof of age expired so I have a shiny new card complete with my fabulous pink mane. Bouncers should never be confused again! On my way back to the bus stop, I ducked into Vinnies, only to leave with about $14 worth of yarn. Not like I didn't buy any down the coast, oh no, but I've earmarked most of it for projects. Lets see.... 1 greens,2 grays and 2 purples of Sirdar 'Hug', 9 balls of Moda Vera 'Sentiments Sparkle' in purple, 2 200g balls of Bendigo Mills wool in an almost dusky grape purple. Add the yarn I purchased in the 'Bay and my stash has well and truly outgrown it's currant storage solution of using a few boxes. It may be time for plastic tubs and moving it downstairs to live with my craft table as it'll likely out grow my room soon. Except my project boxes, of course. I'm planning on Op Shop hopping tomorrow to hunt more needles and hooks. I'm working towards having a full set of straights, dpns, hooks and maybe circulars. Only if they are cheep. Possibly more yarn while I'm at it.

To quote Jenn, I have a disease.

Having seen the posts regarding the theoretical imminent doom of our darling LJ, i've decided to update my contact details for the curious sometime soon. I'm not entirely certain that it's going to drop off the internet overnight  but I'll be taking precautions incase.

Also looked at shoes today. The steampunk boots were too small (damnit) but the spats/boots things are apparently a precursor for the next season. Please, please, please let there be steampunky things in my size and affordable because I'll be boosting the economy and buy from the rack. That and an adorable dinosaur backpack (NOT Dorothy) and I'll continue to crochet, knit, draw, practice (yes, it's true, I'm reforming my slack ways) and continue my education in awesome.

Speaking of which, I have dinos to hunt, plans to hatch and dugongs to find time to see while waiting for the breeze.

~ mishka


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