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Dear all,

Work being a library, we often get people donating stuff. Well, being the resident music fan when a box of cds was donated, our av guy picked out what he liked (& recognised) and gave me the box - to keep. So the question is, is it worth keeping? Or if you'd rather, is the former owner just tragic?

Here's where I want help. If you recognise anything & think it's good - I might keep it - even let you listen to it if you ask nicely enough. Some I know. Some are flagged as 'hmm... think about it" but I need second opinions first. It's either that or toss them all out. My mighty flist knows all - if not, they know who does. So, in no particular order...

20 years of dischord 1980-2000 (3 cd box set)
a tribute to The Smiths - the world still won't listen
at the drive in - relationship of command
bad brains - bad brains
bad brains - i against i
bad brains - rock for light
beastie boys - the in sound from way out
beasts of bourbon - from the belly of the beasts
constantines - shine a light
drive like jehu - hedcd008
drive like jehu - yank crime
franz ferdinand - franz ferdinand (bonus tracks)
fudge tunnel - indulge me
fugazi - repeater + 3 songs
fugazi - red medicine
fugazi - in on the rill taker
fugazi - (single) furniture, hello morning
figazi - the argument
fugazi - 13 songs
fugazi - steady diet of nothing
fugazi - end hits
guided by voices - alien lanes
husker du - zen arcade
husker du - everything falls apart and more
husker du - new day rising
nick cave and the bad seeds - let love in
nick cave and the bad seeds - henry's dream
pretty girls make graves - the new romance
pretty girls make graves - good health
public enemy - apocalypse 91... the enemy strikes back
public enemy - it takes a nation of millions to hold us back
quicksand - slip
rancid - rancid
ride nowhere - sire/reprise
sleater-kinney - call the doctor
sleater-kinney - all hands on the bad one
soundgarden - bad motor finger

dvds: Wildboyz

Thankyou all kindly,

P.S. For the curious... the only cd taken out was Beatles no.1s. Seriously.


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