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You know, I really should  be sleeping. I'll get to that later.

First things first... my belly dance performance went well. My belly was au naturale (apologies for the spelling), my skirt slipped down onto my hips (revealing yet more belly), the flowers were almost as big as my classes hair, we were not quite dripping in 'pirate gold' but we appranatly looked lovely and for once, the attention was on the hips instead of the boobs. Excellent times. I'm intending on keeping up the belly dancing next year. I may or may not have agreed to join a choir next year. If I have, you'll have to cross your fingers for me gaining confidence in singing before next march. Also that I sing well enough not to be turfed to the curb.

The world needs footage of Dita Von Teese belly dancing. FACT.

My dance performance ment that my mother, father and youngest sibling were in town to watch it. Nice to see them again. Very awkward. I've discovered a sudden distaste to being lectured at around midnight about things I must do to make my life better/happy. Somehow, these talks always make me feel more upset than I believe theyre intended too.

Enough with the sidetrack, back to the good stuff before I get all pensieve and possibly sooky. The Cheeky Monkey herself, K.O., amusingly enough buys Easyway only to take it to the family home, two hours by car from where it was purcahsed, only to take it into school the next day. I think there are large kudo points awaiting here there. A little crazy but she's apparantly been dieing for a 'fix' for weeks. Her word, not mine. Besides trawling the fishmarkets and Yum Cha lunch today, the family visit was rather... nice? I'm not exactly sure what word belongs there, but nice will suffice.

On a completly different topic, I love my new gmail sking - Tea House! The fox is adorable.
Plus, if anyone knows any evil genetic engineering corporations, including Helen's, I'm putting in a request for miniture animals, starting with two 4 Inch Pandas. A 1 foot tall Mr Tusky or Hippo would also be greatly appreciated.

Ah, I shall depart as I require sleep to function at work and it'll soon be later than I thought.

Hugs to all,

~ mishka


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