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GRRRR, DAMNIT. I totally had a fantastic post, ready to go but bumped keyboard and lost it *sobs* Sorry all but you'll never know now.


I have been as busy as always and have regretably neglected you all.
No, I'm not procrastinating. Whatever gave you that idea. I totally don't have skeins of Debbie Bliss 'Pure Silk' sitting on my bed next to my newly christened 'zine' sketch pad with half finised ideas in it. I am feeling a little smug as I now have one sleeve left of my cardigan to knit! Nearly finished. All I have left after that is to attatch the sleaves, shape the yoke and add the button holes. Then I'll have to post it's sage greeness so I can smug some more.

Things I can cross off my list: Anberlin. Seeing how many years ago I adored them you'd think i'd be more excited about it all wouldn't you? I did hear them play Bryce and my song, a few more I used to love & then I had to go. The sound was absolutly appaling from all corners of The Roundhouse and besides, I was hungry. The Academy Is... brilliant as always and played another great show. I had a really good time. It kind of makes my sad even now that I wasn't all amped and that Anberlin kinda dissapointing from my ears being driven crazy but eh. Now I've seen them I can close the book on that and move along to the next show which makes me squeak from buzzy joy.
I kinda still can't belive that come the end of the month I will have finally seen them live. I also get to see the Mikado again. Sometimes I can't belive how lucky I am, being able to see many great bands, operas and plays. On a brighter note, I have finally seen the fantastic Mr Ben Folds. I am soo hitting that gig up the next time he lands on my shores. He is AMAZING! (but you all know that allready, don't you).

I have been soo decidedly lazy today but rememberd to ring my dad for Fathers Day. He was happy for the call & we talked football for a while (my dads team topped the table) andrecent events before promising to organise my siblings so we can have a birthday dinner for myeslf and fathers day dinner for him. It'll only be about two months late when it happens for me but better late than never. I'm missing them all today, can you tell?

*checks time* I should go and prep. some dinner or something and make some decisions and not just read fantastic Holmes/Watson fic (I blame you, Maggie).

~ mishka

HUGS TO EVERYONE - esp. Sunny and her latest fantastic piece of fic (read to me by my darling Jenn).
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Evening all,

MERLIN! Merlin has finally reached Australian televisions and I've now seen the first episode. It's not at all historically accurate  but oh so pretty. Lots of fun and OH THE GAY. Anthony Stuart Head, you are more awesome than ever. I predict great and never resolved sexual tension between Arthur and Merlin, which I will love. Who doesn't love the gay and cute boys? I think I'm really going to like this series, especially if I can get my cousin to shut up for an hour so I can watch it in peace. He is one of those constantly noisy/busy 5 yo. boys.

So, do you speak Starbucks? )
Seriously, the best stuffs under the cut.

Today, it has been a strange day today. I woke up tired, lasted five hours before I had to have a 2 hour nap. Woke up from that not as tired and are still up, trying to make it to at least 10 before I sleep again. Knowing me I'll oversleep and be tired all tomorrow too, which isn't good as I need to be awake in the evening for the first Belly Dance class of the new term. I will also likely have Lindt as my meeting in town is right near the Lindt shop. I may have to investigate thier new range first hand. Right now I have, as always, knitting projects on the go and fic. to read. I should depart and get somehting done.

Hugs to all,

~ mishka

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Evening all,

I've been having a lonely kind of day. It' s curious that I'm all calm in session, though I'm yet to work up the confidence & trust to talk about anything personal, but as soon as I walk outside and try real life application it kinda crumbles. No need to worry, I've been working on the insecurity issue of the moment. It wasn't soo good last time I got low with that as a lead in. It's only early days and as per usual, I'm expecting way too much. As you might have guessed, I had a session this morning which is why I've had C.B.T rambling through my head again.

Mary and Max. Tuesday night, Dendy. Boo at Citybus failing and taking over an hour and a half for a fourty minute trip but Yeah! The film is fantastic. I was laughing, crying and it all ended too soon. I didn't want the movie to end. If you are stuck for a film, I reccomend it (& shant spoil it for anyone just in case).  I should also make you all aware that a) Dendy do $9 tickets on tuesday nights and b) Cinque (the cafe next door) now have $11.90 pasta + garlic bread on tuesday nights. Dinner + a movie for about $20!

Monday was hanging with Jenn. I provided the cookies, we brunched then Veronica Marsed and scoured the 50% off second hand book sale at the Town Hall. Relaxing day. Otherwise I've been staying warm, trying to rest and knitting. The Nat-gloves are almost done, new fancy yarn for yet another 'project for a friend' (because I love spoiling my friends with knitted/crocheted goods and fancy yarn). I have finally started the cardigan using the sage 'soft haze' (patons) yarn my mother gave me for christmas. 

Speaking of knitting... I should go, formulate something more interesting to type and get back to it. Farewell for now,

~ mishka

Ps: the sweet boots I wore to MSI
I am totally considering outlaying the cash dollars and buying another pair, most likely the knee high buckled affairs when all my chucks finally die. Also will likely buy Docs at the same time. Seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

Pps: have gained faith in online shopping again. May purchase a Rainbow Brite backpack soon. Also....  I HAVE A MOOD RING! Tick to childhood goal finally filled.
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'evening all,

Things are moving along too quickly. Barely 5 days before the madness begins! (which reminds me, I need to print the tickets off). I need to start consider what I'm packing & how it'll fit into my bag and FINDING NEW JEANS! I hate the fashion universe atm. Is it really to much to ask for dark blue/black jeans that fit? A nice dress? Shoes? Really? Wisely I'm not engaging in the wardrobe clean up until after Mardi Gras. Too busy until that weekend is over. Ah, the insanity! I shall be exhausted, thankfully not broke as everything's paid, sore footed but extremely happy. This also warrants hair dyeing, which is great as the skunk strip could take over a small Asian country and i'm getting a little fed up of telling jokers that it takes time and effort to dye it in.

Work is... work. New training, new training to write up and the damn system being buggy as hell. Plenty of chocolate cake & today, dark chocolate and peanut 'spiders' (essentially, noodles dipped in the afore mentioned mix). I remember buying them at Fetes as a child and they are still damn tasty... too tasty in fact, as I ate three of them. Luckily, they were teaspoon sized. Yay! for being able to wear a warm hoodie at work again. Pity it's not going to last long.

Found my next knitting project! It's one I've been wanting to do for a while - Matryoshka (you know, those Russian stacking dolls) as fingerless mitts with a seperate mitt top. I've decided that instead of 5 'sisters' I'm just going to knit them onto the back of the mitt flap. Also deciding to change the colours - no yellow except for the hair and a lack of red which clashes with my hair means I have to choose between: purple, deep pink,  cerulean or bright grass green. They'll go with the black, white, fuchsia and yellow yarns already being used. Thankfully i've discarded an earlier idea to further modify the design and knit dresses onto the glove bodys (so they look like REAL dolls).Decisions, decisions. Still are searching for nice tops to knit using my cotton & cotton blends. I should be getting the Stitch'n'bitch books to read next week to! I love reserving items!

Well, I should go. Have have mitts to knit and a lovely book on cooking with various Japanese green tea's to peruse.
Stay well, rest well and party well,

~ mishka

1) someone please hook this sister up with the Bob as Batman fic. i've heard tell of.
2) any sound colour thoughts, let me know. The cuff is pink/black. Also, the link: Thankyou Knitty!
3) back update - feeling much better, still a bit of aching & no painkillers needed today. Definitly an improvement.
4) why has Dusty Springfield been singing in my head all day? Not that I mind, I just need a break from 'anyone had a heart'.
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Evening all,

It's a short one today. I've gone and hurt my back, muscle strain only so no permament damage but ouch, it hurts. Wanted to assure all that I'll be removing twitter posts from arriving on my journal sometime in the near future... perhaps friday? I have another Opera tomorrow night, no rest for the wicked. Knitting update - finished the calf-high spats & my mothers fingerless gloves. Now testing the Torchwood pattern & deciding what to knit next (I have some fancy cotton & cotton blend yarns). Dance classes are back! and the end of campaign last week went well. I didn't need to stab anyone in the back to get my aims. Hell, I sacrificed myself (though that wasn't known till almost the last minute) & made the difference so evil didn't win that day. Not bad for a character which was essentially a racist elvish jerk (yeah, I lol'ed too). Bitch winge complain about the state of fashion & my wardrobe. I'll keep dreaming of afforable Steampunk gear finding it's way to my home for the price of hugs. Speaking of which *hugs* Latest inner-self work - not going so well but it's a new focus area so I should give it a little more time before I start being super critical.

Since my backs a little sore now, I'm going to go and get very large amount of sleep after streatching and wake up to another cool morning where hopefully it will be hurting less and less. *crosses fingers*

Stay in health,

~ mishka
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Evening all,

Hmmm. the internets feeding my addictions. Work today, first day back after holidaying was soo incredibly busy. I didn't get a lick of the inbound mountain done as I, under my bosses instructions, had to play Wii for 2 hours. Ridiculous but I apparently had catching up to do. Have been scouring for yet more patterns I want to make, finding groups on Ravelry (you'll find me as fishmouse), steampunkieness and trying to find a way to DIY emerald green dye. So far all suggestions seem to be 'muck around with local green foliage & cook until tasty'. If I can figure it out, I'll be dying two dresses green. Then I'll finally be able to wear them!! Shall also dye one shirt and two hats black at the same time.

Besides the sore feet, I've been feeling down. Again. No sooking this time, I swear. I've even considering using my super cute Barbie diary. Or baking a heap of dinosaur cookies. I probably should sleep. Or finally get around to starting a new project, even though each one is either waiting on yarn or needles. Or get off my lazy arse and create some more icons. This space needs a bit of a change.

OH, I should totally mention last night. SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS!!!! Sorry to shout but if you've seen them you'll understand my enthusiasm. Started out the evening by being late, misreading the tickets and landing myself, through some emotionally unsound decisions, in a sooky slump. Not at all helped by the headache lady wearing an entire bottle of Chanel no. 5 (I exaggerate, but honestly it smelt that strong). Thankfully, some excellent advice was followed, delivered to me from two darling people who are unfortunately far too used to my moods and sooks and I eventually chirped up. First act - too mellow for the crowd. The venue: I want to tear their hair out. Usually I am a calm, placid sort of person but really, the Sydney Festival 'Becks Bar' is badly designed, run and full of rude staff. That said they did get one thing right. Miss Sharon Jones. The Dap Kings. So my feet were planning a revolt and disconnecting themselves from my body and my headache was trying to escape through my skull but it was all worth it. Hours of funk, soul, dancing, cheering and avoiding the multitudes of dead soilders littering the ground. 
Funky musical sassy bipeds at thier best.

Also, happy 30th Motown! (I think that's right?)
Also, yay! for practice, sketching and sticking to it.

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Greetings all,

Only 1 week of work to go!! Yes, I am looking forward to Chirstmas and with luck, all my Christmas goodie grabbing will be done on time and go down well. Have just completed K.O.'s fetching wristlets & I have way to many knitting plans for my current wool stash & are constantly resisting the temptation to go out and purchase scads of expensive but lushlushlush yarn. My next project? I'm caught between more wristlets for K.O., a fish beanie for Danno (almost 5 yo cousin in Switzerland), a fancy-schmanzy versatile shawl or some kind of jumper/vest. Decisions, decisions.

I had a visitor at work today - my favourite lesbian from council (who I've been told may have very well been hitting on me). I accuse her of being dorkier than me - she was bouncing when she saw me (granted, I was doing the same as I invariably do when sighting a friend) and she had a toy dog strapped to her helmet. The latest pet is Pedro? & I've seen photos. Only 10 of them. Just the dog. Pet chats. No motorbikes this time, though the pushie outside was a pretty clear indicator that she hasn't purchased one yet.

Ooh- what other animal should match with a penguin? The wristlets for K.O. will have a penguin on one but I don't know what for the other? can't be a monkey because that's going on her birthday Tabi. Argh, Christmas is too soon this year. If anyone could lend me their time machine for, say, about a week, i'd be vary greatful.

'Fetching' can be round here:
The 'Fish Hat' can be found here:
~ Yes, I love Knitty.

Besides that, I'm a little annoyed by: the general public, therapists who aren't there when you finally get the guts to call for an appointment, boys, cute people I can't hit on and being jealous/depressed/out-of-it & jerk-like around my friends. I've been... messy. It's not so good.

Off to plan my next knitting adventure and get in some drumming practice (I'm doing well for someone without a kit to practice on daily),

~ mish

PS - Snugglehugs to all. Have been in a snuggly mood for the past few days with no real opportunities to act out my impulse, so you'll all have to suffer instead. *tacklesnugglehugs*


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