Apr. 23rd, 2009

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Evening all,

I've been having a lonely kind of day. It' s curious that I'm all calm in session, though I'm yet to work up the confidence & trust to talk about anything personal, but as soon as I walk outside and try real life application it kinda crumbles. No need to worry, I've been working on the insecurity issue of the moment. It wasn't soo good last time I got low with that as a lead in. It's only early days and as per usual, I'm expecting way too much. As you might have guessed, I had a session this morning which is why I've had C.B.T rambling through my head again.

Mary and Max. Tuesday night, Dendy. Boo at Citybus failing and taking over an hour and a half for a fourty minute trip but Yeah! The film is fantastic. I was laughing, crying and it all ended too soon. I didn't want the movie to end. If you are stuck for a film, I reccomend it (& shant spoil it for anyone just in case).  I should also make you all aware that a) Dendy do $9 tickets on tuesday nights and b) Cinque (the cafe next door) now have $11.90 pasta + garlic bread on tuesday nights. Dinner + a movie for about $20!

Monday was hanging with Jenn. I provided the cookies, we brunched then Veronica Marsed and scoured the 50% off second hand book sale at the Town Hall. Relaxing day. Otherwise I've been staying warm, trying to rest and knitting. The Nat-gloves are almost done, new fancy yarn for yet another 'project for a friend' (because I love spoiling my friends with knitted/crocheted goods and fancy yarn). I have finally started the cardigan using the sage 'soft haze' (patons) yarn my mother gave me for christmas. 

Speaking of knitting... I should go, formulate something more interesting to type and get back to it. Farewell for now,

~ mishka

Ps: the sweet boots I wore to MSI http://www.newrockstore.com/zona3/2008/product_info.php?products_id=694&osCsid=5ce08a10380aa4e165267f4496761936
I am totally considering outlaying the cash dollars and buying another pair, most likely the knee high buckled affairs when all my chucks finally die. Also will likely buy Docs at the same time. Seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

Pps: have gained faith in online shopping again. May purchase a Rainbow Brite backpack soon. Also....  I HAVE A MOOD RING! Tick to childhood goal finally filled.


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