Feb. 11th, 2009

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Evening all,

It's a short one today. I've gone and hurt my back, muscle strain only so no permament damage but ouch, it hurts. Wanted to assure all that I'll be removing twitter posts from arriving on my journal sometime in the near future... perhaps friday? I have another Opera tomorrow night, no rest for the wicked. Knitting update - finished the calf-high spats & my mothers fingerless gloves. Now testing the Torchwood pattern & deciding what to knit next (I have some fancy cotton & cotton blend yarns). Dance classes are back! and the end of campaign last week went well. I didn't need to stab anyone in the back to get my aims. Hell, I sacrificed myself (though that wasn't known till almost the last minute) & made the difference so evil didn't win that day. Not bad for a character which was essentially a racist elvish jerk (yeah, I lol'ed too). Bitch winge complain about the state of fashion & my wardrobe. I'll keep dreaming of afforable Steampunk gear finding it's way to my home for the price of hugs. Speaking of which *hugs* Latest inner-self work - not going so well but it's a new focus area so I should give it a little more time before I start being super critical.

Since my backs a little sore now, I'm going to go and get very large amount of sleep after streatching and wake up to another cool morning where hopefully it will be hurting less and less. *crosses fingers*

Stay in health,

~ mishka


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