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Greetings all,

Only 1 week of work to go!! Yes, I am looking forward to Chirstmas and with luck, all my Christmas goodie grabbing will be done on time and go down well. Have just completed K.O.'s fetching wristlets & I have way to many knitting plans for my current wool stash & are constantly resisting the temptation to go out and purchase scads of expensive but lushlushlush yarn. My next project? I'm caught between more wristlets for K.O., a fish beanie for Danno (almost 5 yo cousin in Switzerland), a fancy-schmanzy versatile shawl or some kind of jumper/vest. Decisions, decisions.

I had a visitor at work today - my favourite lesbian from council (who I've been told may have very well been hitting on me). I accuse her of being dorkier than me - she was bouncing when she saw me (granted, I was doing the same as I invariably do when sighting a friend) and she had a toy dog strapped to her helmet. The latest pet is Pedro? & I've seen photos. Only 10 of them. Just the dog. Pet chats. No motorbikes this time, though the pushie outside was a pretty clear indicator that she hasn't purchased one yet.

Ooh- what other animal should match with a penguin? The wristlets for K.O. will have a penguin on one but I don't know what for the other? can't be a monkey because that's going on her birthday Tabi. Argh, Christmas is too soon this year. If anyone could lend me their time machine for, say, about a week, i'd be vary greatful.

'Fetching' can be round here:
The 'Fish Hat' can be found here:
~ Yes, I love Knitty.

Besides that, I'm a little annoyed by: the general public, therapists who aren't there when you finally get the guts to call for an appointment, boys, cute people I can't hit on and being jealous/depressed/out-of-it & jerk-like around my friends. I've been... messy. It's not so good.

Off to plan my next knitting adventure and get in some drumming practice (I'm doing well for someone without a kit to practice on daily),

~ mish

PS - Snugglehugs to all. Have been in a snuggly mood for the past few days with no real opportunities to act out my impulse, so you'll all have to suffer instead. *tacklesnugglehugs*

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But not really. It's cold & I'm all rugged up inside knitting up a few christmas gifts.
Yes, that's right. It's not twitter assaulting your friends list. This is Mish. Yes, I will be spell checking this before sending it out. I hope the difference is noticeable.

First things first. You may have wondered why I haven't  a) posted about sending cards or b) enthusiastically put my hand up for other peoples cards. I've always felt awkward about sending cards & have never really gotten into it. Yes, I realise that this is most likely attributed to my laziness but i've again left it too late. I prefer to try to get around to communicating in some way or another instead.  I'll forgive you if you've noticed neither but will gladly send a hand made message of Christmas greetings to anyone who desires one.

Besides that, 'Frost vs. Nixon' is amazing. Kayne West broke Billy Corgan's record for the 'longest musician wank in concert' as witnessed by myself, coming in at a whopping 25 minutes. Also six costume changes, shoes included. Have added to my growing RPG skills by learning Tigris (which somehow won) and Illuminati. Campaigning shall resume when the full contingency are a) in the country and b) not sick. They are nice people and I'm learning all the time, which I believe is good. Still on the look out for more options, as always.

Speaking of which.... I should get back to T.Shirt hunting and yarn browsing.

Goodnight and warm snugglehugs to all,

~ Mishka
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Greetings all,

I'm going to keep it short tonight - feeling a little tired and I'm planning on getting some sleep later. I'll write something longer later this week.

Fathers day was an unusual experience. Two of my siblings were not there, my Mother spent most of Sunday at her Church and my dad watching the football, feeling awkward and wanting to go home. Still, it was nice to see everyone again. Speaking off.... my Grandmother arrived back on Australian soil last Thursday after two months in Switzerland (and other European places). She looks all refreshed and had a fantastic! time if the stories she's been telling me are any indicator. I'm glad that she did because if anyone needed a holiday, she did.

By the way, anyone reading this who is considering going to see the Mummy 3 - do so. It's as fun as always and includes just enough cheese. Ooh, on a personal note, I've taken up belly dancing, own a jingle scarf, are working on my tattoo designs and have another drum lesson tomorrow! I'm planning on being at least very good one day, with aspirations of being amazing.

I know, I'm going. Enjoy yourselves,



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