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Evening all,

MERLIN! Merlin has finally reached Australian televisions and I've now seen the first episode. It's not at all historically accurate  but oh so pretty. Lots of fun and OH THE GAY. Anthony Stuart Head, you are more awesome than ever. I predict great and never resolved sexual tension between Arthur and Merlin, which I will love. Who doesn't love the gay and cute boys? I think I'm really going to like this series, especially if I can get my cousin to shut up for an hour so I can watch it in peace. He is one of those constantly noisy/busy 5 yo. boys.

So, do you speak Starbucks? )
Seriously, the best stuffs under the cut.

Today, it has been a strange day today. I woke up tired, lasted five hours before I had to have a 2 hour nap. Woke up from that not as tired and are still up, trying to make it to at least 10 before I sleep again. Knowing me I'll oversleep and be tired all tomorrow too, which isn't good as I need to be awake in the evening for the first Belly Dance class of the new term. I will also likely have Lindt as my meeting in town is right near the Lindt shop. I may have to investigate thier new range first hand. Right now I have, as always, knitting projects on the go and fic. to read. I should depart and get somehting done.

Hugs to all,

~ mishka


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