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ah ha my dears, long time no read. No need to despair ... i'll try to keep this brief.

Breaking news: my mother begging me not to get a tattoo when I purposly let it slip over Easter that i've always wanted one (and not the many I ment). She instead endorses facial piercings - even explaining why I should get my nose pierced.
Kinda makes me want both. Not like she'll ever see the tatts untill sometime down the track if I ever get those stockings and sleves. Can't wait to see her reaction when my ears are done.

Tattoo 'grande planne' is being gradually worked out - mostly. Same with piercings. Now to find someome ('cause you all know i've been saving for a while) then 'bam' - INK!! Starting with something resonably small and easy to care for. Which I've changed my mind for again... kinda.

I have a computer - Free!! Long live Uncle Maurie giving me his old pc. It just needs a table, to be set up and for me to get an external harddrive (this thursday after work is the best bet) and ISP (my bro. & Pat. are endorsing Exetel). Then I can inflict pain upon you on a more regular basis. I can read soo much and return to my writing with a new idea started on the train this morning... the 6:15 (I was there at 6 'cause Dad was one his way to work for some minor emergency) which didn't come, so I got the 6:40 at about 7:00 when it came. sChItTY RAIL Illawarra style & hello peak hour!

My hair - needs a redye. Desperatly. Looking like a tequila sunrise which is very scary, even discounting the regrowth. Shall call the hairdresser, which means between work and trying to get better (yes, I know, no need for that face Jenn) means I shall be a busy girl. Pity I have jury duty thurs. - but hopefully with just one look i'll be discounted.

Should be off - I actually do work you know. To all those lucky enough not to be, enjoy the holiday,


ps - if you want it, I can outline the 'grande planne'. Only if there is demand. Sketches may have to wait unless you really want me scanning them in at work? Plus I need to get them up to my standards.
pps - my favourite aunt, Roz, flies in soon! Bringing Danno! So if I seem a little frazzled early May, you can surmise why.


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