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'evening all,

Things are moving along too quickly. Barely 5 days before the madness begins! (which reminds me, I need to print the tickets off). I need to start consider what I'm packing & how it'll fit into my bag and FINDING NEW JEANS! I hate the fashion universe atm. Is it really to much to ask for dark blue/black jeans that fit? A nice dress? Shoes? Really? Wisely I'm not engaging in the wardrobe clean up until after Mardi Gras. Too busy until that weekend is over. Ah, the insanity! I shall be exhausted, thankfully not broke as everything's paid, sore footed but extremely happy. This also warrants hair dyeing, which is great as the skunk strip could take over a small Asian country and i'm getting a little fed up of telling jokers that it takes time and effort to dye it in.

Work is... work. New training, new training to write up and the damn system being buggy as hell. Plenty of chocolate cake & today, dark chocolate and peanut 'spiders' (essentially, noodles dipped in the afore mentioned mix). I remember buying them at Fetes as a child and they are still damn tasty... too tasty in fact, as I ate three of them. Luckily, they were teaspoon sized. Yay! for being able to wear a warm hoodie at work again. Pity it's not going to last long.

Found my next knitting project! It's one I've been wanting to do for a while - Matryoshka (you know, those Russian stacking dolls) as fingerless mitts with a seperate mitt top. I've decided that instead of 5 'sisters' I'm just going to knit them onto the back of the mitt flap. Also deciding to change the colours - no yellow except for the hair and a lack of red which clashes with my hair means I have to choose between: purple, deep pink,  cerulean or bright grass green. They'll go with the black, white, fuchsia and yellow yarns already being used. Thankfully i've discarded an earlier idea to further modify the design and knit dresses onto the glove bodys (so they look like REAL dolls).Decisions, decisions. Still are searching for nice tops to knit using my cotton & cotton blends. I should be getting the Stitch'n'bitch books to read next week to! I love reserving items!

Well, I should go. Have have mitts to knit and a lovely book on cooking with various Japanese green tea's to peruse.
Stay well, rest well and party well,

~ mishka

1) someone please hook this sister up with the Bob as Batman fic. i've heard tell of.
2) any sound colour thoughts, let me know. The cuff is pink/black. Also, the link: Thankyou Knitty!
3) back update - feeling much better, still a bit of aching & no painkillers needed today. Definitly an improvement.
4) why has Dusty Springfield been singing in my head all day? Not that I mind, I just need a break from 'anyone had a heart'.
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Gigs - been busy. Quick update.

08-09/03 Fall Out Boy = Gods. Asides from being hauled out of the mosh concert no.1 (dizzy spells again, and yes everyone pulling those faces, i've learned my lesson), I was the absolute first let in and on the barrier for concert 2. Pretty special moment for the old mish, let me tell you. Especially since it's never going to happen again.

29/03 Dropkick Murphys - great. Diables as support was a great move. The one before them - I have very little respect for, being scarcastic about us seeing support acts before telling us to fuck off - before they started. Being pissy is not Punk Rock.

31/03 V festival - PIXIES. Barrier for PIXIES. Blown away - I want to be Kim when I grow up. Also saw: New York Dolls, Jarvis Cocker, Beck and a bit of Pheonix from where I was sitting.

03/04 Joss Stone - Hopeless clothes sooo Clandestine (Roz agrees and K.O. now uses that term for henious gear) but Amazing voice. Well worth the asking price.

06/04 New Found Glory - Ah, soft core punk rock gigs. New shirt, great atmoshpere, interesting support which was a cross between Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is...
Free sticker, CD and DVD. Hot Brunette Bob the roadie, whom I may have ogled.

05/04 Bane - my first hardcore gig. If I can develope an approprite moshing style, I may very well join in next time. Am a hardcore fan. Nicest crowd at any gig i've seen to date. Bane hoodie currently being worn. Pity the Tori believes it looks like sporting apparel and James doesn't believe in any Hardcore other than his beloved Hardcore tehcno/trance stuff. Interesting arguement on easter day though.

extra: saw Hot Fuzz (sooo bloody funny, shall actually purchase when it's all DVD), the Notorious Betty Page (both on 02/04) and Becomming Jane (don't - unless semi-serious romance makes you laugh as much as it does me). 300 soon (I hope)

Far more gigs to come in the near future - it's all part of the job, which i'd better get back to. I might further outline/review later, but eh, it's been a few busy weeks.


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