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Good morning all *embraces warmly* Welcome to another rainy monday morning for your belated mishka update!

Go to House of Pain. Get tattoo. Pain - what pain. Like a low grade buzz/tingle the whole time. Looks pretty, my own design. It's a snowflake which kinda looks like a compass and is apparently 'very miska' (cheers Bryce). It's healing very well, the family does not know about it yet. You'll understand why soon.

AGNSW for Tezuka! exshibition. The manga-loving parts of my soul were in Nirvana gazing at framed and mounted original panels while the pure art geek was all *buzzzzz* at every single picture. Was disctracted by serialist paintings on the way out. Then to a lunch of champions, vegetable and prawn dumplings before visting Kinokuniya, one mecca of books. Oh, I also tried L&P, a drink for the absolute win from New Zealand. Then I discovered that my lemon tic-tacs have a remarkably simmilar taste. Hmmm..... yum. Still are yet to uncover a stockist of the pink grapefruit variety.
There, after i'd glazed over at the pretty and not purchased stationary I found it. THE ULTIMATE SANDMAN VOL.1 My inner geek came back out and was all "mine mine mine". Jenn, Jem and Anne-Marie all promised me love, Jenn's forever if I let her read it. So I purchased it (with 15% off, thankyou discount card) and with my more than willing accomplice carting the goods, headed off home to inspect my gold.
I arrived, most unfortunatly, 5 minutes too early. My mother + k.o. had been visiting and i'd pretty much missed them up till that point. My mother saw the ear piercings (harmless I say, not even the face. I had even told her that I was getting them) and 'slap' right across the face... in front of Jenn, no less. Ko was acting just like a 13 yo bitch, which she is. Awkward it was.
So I escaped at the next first oppertunity after what felt like an eternity (more like 2 mintues - sorry Jenn) and opened the book - choirs of angels did sing. My mind did not explode - it shall later. I let Jenn have first read - i'm planning on starting to reading it come ANZAC day. ALl was great with the world untill...
Disaster! My piercings, lobe no.2 and rook were fine but the contrast started to bleed for no good reason at all. I hadn't even bumped it! Blood everywhere! I dashed to the bathroom & stripped my shirt off - I resembled the victem of a car crash with a blood covered torso. I grabbed the first thing come to hand, my clean but used for pink hair towel (fine as it's allready stained) and applied pressure. Started to try not to panic. Failed.
Jenn of the level head calmed me down.... more than once and got me cleaned up. Then escorted me to the medical centre where half and hour after it started, the blood stopped. The doctor gave me a stern look for not remembering to apply ice to constrict the blood vessels. The nurse didn't let Jenn into the treatment room untill she had over heard her talking to the receptionist about the girl with the blood-soaked towel from her ear. I had requested that my friend be allowed in but I guess that she forgot. On the upside my Bane hoodie looks beyond hard core with bloodstains on the white lettering.
I got snacks from the new-ish (least to me) Indian place on Norton st and was escorted back home where I bravely ingested a half glass of full strength orange juice. Then it started again. Luckily I had new bandages to slap on and Jenn made me an ice pack to put on it - and the bleeding stopped quite quickly. I'd lost enough blood in the past hour anyway. I was leactured in a non leacture-y way about caring for the ear and looking after myself before La Madre arrived and Jenn left for Castle Greyskull... without Sandman. It's safe and sound in my room.

Sunday: Brewhaha
Reletivly unexciting to begin with - thought I saw Audrey in a horrific dress, but it was only a look alike. Ska music bands - nice. Didn't skank as with my cup size it's not entirely reccomended - have been offered a privite lesson to correct this problem. Trannie skank - only mocked from distance, no confrontation as i'd have bitched her out and possibly wacked her one. Honestly, more than one. Jenn handled her very well while Anne-Marie and I resisted full blown laughter at her sheer idiocy.
Toni + bf where there, always nice to run into them. The last band was much better than the first, FiveStarFriday. Hit on the gutiarist and told him that the tie he had (stolen by some emo kid) was a nice shade of purple. He was flattered, and no, I wasn't dressed as an emo kid. I swear I wasn't. Three Quarters Hazel were full of love for all - which was kinda sweet in a 'shake your hips to our tribal drumbeats'kinda way. Dinner - at the local chinese place....mmmm tasty. Very nice to eat out with some of my favourite people.

Now i'm all a working again.... desiging tattoo the next before Ben goes the Edinburgh for a 6 month stint, making hairy plans, portable hardrives and trying to find someone with XP discs that I can use to install on my new computer, which is from 2000 and is alive enough for me to install some software. Updated graphics/sound/internet once it's up and running. It's pratically new though and looks good on the desk I purchased & polished friday morning.

Untill next time.... I send you all kisses of good fortune and blood free glasses,

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Good Morning Planet Earth!!
I've been shopping... again. I now have a black and white striped corset, which looks amazing with my long sleeved black and white striped cotton top underneath. Or by it's self, and decent with the tartan skirt. One in black with white trim and black and white lace is on order. Had my final fitting for my dress, which is soo close to finished it's not funny. I found tartan skirts which are not mini! In Balmain of all places, in a boutique of all things and amazingly, especially since it was in a boutique, they fit. I have one in red, and a muted purple for wintry kind of weather. I hearts it soo. On the shoe front.... amazing shoes. Kinda like platformed gothic mary-janes with pyramid studs and an extra strap for around the ankle. Kitty ears in red and black, which I spent time mewing and purring, while dancing to Duran Duran, with one of the people in In Visible Light. Taffy declared that I looked like a slutty japanese schoolgirl. Typical.
Pool at my place on saturday night, finally met Alex. Nice guy. Come monday and i'm being declared a thief! Thank-you very much Jenn, but you of all people should realise exactly how difficult it is for someone with hands like ours (thats right, mine are along similar lines to yours) to find gloves. They'd better have them in another pattern if I can't have those ones (awesome gloves, Jenn's new argyle knit fingerless). Getting my hair re-dyed this week - pink and purple! I'm upholding that girlie tradition of shopping and spending way to much money on my hair quite nicely. IOH - official copy officially mine and officially loved.

I can hear you saying 'get to the fucking monkey' (King Kong on Tripods 'songs for self saucing') so I shall. Without further ado or preamble, I present to you:

5 Question Interview courtesy of matchsticks_p
Disclaimer: Mishka takes no responsibility for her automatic evasion of questions, avoidant phrasing, bizarre but intentional use of the english language and general wackiness. Thankyou for reading and may you avoid frustration.

-Describe your neighbourhood. (Not in a creepy I-know-where-you-live! way, but just what's it like when you look out your window, where you like to hang out, etc.)
Currently, living in the inner west, which is inner-city type suburbia and hanging in the same area or in the city itself. We're talking houses, schools, parks and far too many shops & restaurants. Quieter than you'd think only two blocks back from a highschool. Its also close to a couple of major roads. The only annoying thing is the occasional lower than the other flying planes overhead, simply because they are noisy.

-What's your favourite holiday/festival and why?
hmmm... stereotypically, or prehaps not so much, i'm voting for Christmas/Boxing day. It has nice memories attatched to what I can remember from childhood. I get to bake goodies and chocolate treats and give them away to friends and family and they like them! (my cooking, bar desserts, is still a work in progress). It's the only time that I really get to see family and friends that my we've have known for years. I get to sit around, have about 6 lunches(it takes hours), spend the whole day chatting and have general good times, go belly up and do it all again. Some of my favourite dishes are a Christmas only thing too. Then again, we get sneaky and invite friends for Christmas lunch if their not doing the family thing.

-What's one thing you'd never do no matter how much they paid you?
The serious answer would have me say i'd never do any of the things that I find incomprehensible and squicky from the kinky/fetish side of things. Which is true. I wouldn't touch those areas no matter how much you paid me. I'd rather sell my body and soul for two cents while hopped up on god knows what shit as a used tampon cleaner than that.

-Would you rather lose your ovaries or your arms? (I don't know! I just suddenly felt like asking! Stop looking at me like that!
You thought this was going to be the hard one, right? Ovaries. Easy. Seriously, who've you been talking to? Perhaps I should briefly go into details, since most people will be gaping and looking at me in absolute shock. My ovaries are pretty much stuffed and always have been, so it would be no great loss if they had to go. I'll spare you further details, since I value your sanity.

-If you could completely erase one thing/event from your memory, what would it be? (Note: you have to pick one.) Holy crap - just one! That's evil. In all seriousness, I want to erase the rest of a memory, of which i've only had flashes recently. Jenn's seen the outcomes of that particular one. It ain't pretty, especially since the flashes are disturbing and come with smells and sounds. Must I really go into detail?

Well, there you are. If you, miss matchsticks_p find yourself dissatisfied, then I can write proper responses for a private post later.

01. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me" or something of the sort.
02. I respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
03. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
04. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Or just ask me more. I promise to bullshit unless politely asked not to. I solemnly swear that I was actually telling the truth that time. Not that you'll ever know for sure.
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I'll make this a quick one. Weekend was bizarre, what with finally visiting my Nono in the nursing home. Not as depressing as I thought it was going to be, but still heart wrenching walking in past a room full of chair ridden, frail looking senior citizens. Still, it's has pretty gardens and shade outside. He's walking better (with assistance of a walking frame) but still can't stand by himself. Which is bad, 'cause my place is all staircases and he's 6'3" & 120kg. My grandma and I can't care for him if he has severely limited mobility. Worst thing is that I saw this comming for some time now.
The upside: SATASIA! Seriously, if you are ever hungry, have a spare bit of cash and looking for some truely fantastic asian cuisine while in Sydney (Balmain specifically) I wholeheartedly recommend this place. It's not super cheep or anything, but well worth it. Saw Uncle Maurie, who is soon to move back to Queensland & drove him home via my dad's old high school. Didn't loose my bed to visiting family! Very relieved on that account.
Hung out with Jenn for a bit on sunday ate at some cafe (apologies for forgetting it's name) with great breakfast food (apricots on french toast *drools*) then saw Blood Diamond. MUST SEE! Spent most of it curled up on my seat cringing at the violence because the whole thing is real. Far to real. Compelling, with brilliant cinematography and accents that are both lasting and accurate *worships gathered crew*

Alas, it's work for the rest of this week, which i'd better be getting back to,


ps: On the upside, I should have enough cash monies for a laptop soon, which means i'll soon have internet too. At home. Methinks i'll go berserk for a while, it's been too long since i've had a home computer. Ah.


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