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~ No redshirts were harmed in the making of this post~       
... only because they all ran away. Suspicious bastards, the lot.

Tick 'yes' for Mish's great big renewed obsessive interest in all things Trek, minus wearing redshirts which is an amazingly bad idea with bright pink hair. I've a few things to 'fess to.

a) I am proud of my littlest sister. She's now determined to see Trek & is helping a friend write a short play set in the general Trekverse. There are colourblind aliens and redshirt shootings. They don't have an ending yet but they are planning on turning this into a rpg game for their friends. ILY KO! Keep on geeking on & you too shall excede your awesome quota, young padawan.
b) SHANE WARNE THE MUSICAL!! I totes got to say a few words to Eddie Perfect that weren't embarrassingly faily or fangirly. It was a fantastic night & they had better be releasing a dvd.
c) Shopping: I have two new scarves! A green wool/silk pashmina & a bright yellow linen pashmina for summer. I want to knit me a Scottie scarf because I totally need a slim scarf for all seasons. Then I have an excuse to knit a Scottie hat. Also, my boots have come! They look like this:  and are lovely! I also have, so far, resisted the temptation to refill my mostly empty wardrobe.
d) I want to learn a new language... & I will. Soon. Maybe I can start next week?
e) Test results are in: my psyc. was right. I'm cool with it, even if its been said that it's a great big engraved name plate of validation. *hugs my quotable friend*

I'm off to look at clothes, drum kits, Star Trek icons and other pretty things Star Trek or otherwise. I'll also knit and practice some.
Hugs to everyone.

~ mishka


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