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Greetings all,

Immediate update: I am doing a four day OH&S course, paid for by Council (thankyou thankyou) & I have been haing a relly good time. Besides wanting to fall asleep at the end of my first class yesterday but I'm pretty sure that the law was wearing me out.
It's made me realise a few things:
a) I miss actually learning new things. I really should consider a night/online course for next semester.
b) I grew up knowing & hearing an awful lot about OH&S, especially concerning my Fathers industry
c) SHE IS THE MINTIES LADY! (also a damn good trainer)

Let me explain...

My Fathers a Coal Miner. I grew up hearing a lot of discussions about various problems & solutions, both at his work and Pits all around the world. My instructor, Louise, has been in the industry roughly since the seventies and is an international accredited OH&S Auditor. She has many a great story. Today she was recalling one were she'd gone to a mine and a she short term system she introduced rewarding PPE compliance. With Minties. In the break I asked her if that was about so long ago and at a certain mine and she said yes! I remember my Father telling myself and my siblings about it at the time and that they had a 'great female OH&S girl visiting'. Proof that my long-term memory isn't too shabby.

As you can tell, I feel pretty proud for being able to ping one of her cases exactly. It's something to remember too - rewards, not bribes for blokes who're refusing to co-operate. Can't guarantee it'll work but it could be worth a shot.

... Am considering doing further study in this field. I've always found it interesting and doing the course has just piqued my interest again. Not sure whether the TAFE or wether I'll finally finish one of my double degree and do it post-grad.

~ and back to our regular broadcasts.

I have a small confesion to make. I have seen, & loved High School Musical 2! The film is completly ridiculous, hilarious and filled with amusing song and dance numbers. Seriously: a pink piano, boy band moves, piano solo, copious amounts of glitter and heated stares - how could you not love it. Also, Ryan/Chad is now CANNON. They had swapped thier entire outfits after the charmingly gay 'I don't dance' number. I figure the outfit swaps was Disney's way of saying 'Yes, they are totally doing each other'. It's also amusing how neither of them have any chemistry with the females of the cast yet they keep trying to set up something between Chad and Daphne? (academic olympics girl from the first film). Zafron and Hudgens bore me but oh my, I totally love both Ryan and Sharpai.

Mothers day went well. K.O., the youngest sister, has converted my brother to the dark side. NARUTO. He thinks it's hilarious. She's promised Death Note will be next. I suppose it's keeping him off the W.O.W for a while. My other sister is about to start her second five week placement in Nowra, which reminds me, I have a public service announcement: If you are planning or think you're having a heart attack, head over to the Bankstown area. They have the best stroke rehabilitation clinic in the country. They do, however, only have 20 beds in that ward so you'll want to pick a quiet day. I'll be seeing them all again next weekend as we're going out somewhere for family dinner to celebrate my brothers 21st! I need to pick up something appropriately cheeky that is safe to open in front of the parents.

That said, I should proarbly spell-check this and post before it's time for my beauty sleep. My newly recommended sleep cycle, an effort to try to get an eventual 8 hours of sleep and to stop me getting so damn tired, is trying. I'm a night person naturally and have been a mild insomniac since early highschool but day work means that I need to keep it up and i'll adjust eventually.

Night all,

~ mishka

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Greetings one and all,

I had a great long weekend despite starting it with a shift first thing saturday morning. I had a great time at SYDCON & even managed to win trophies! This is pretty damn good (by my standards) because a) this was my first con and b) this was my first time ever playing rpg games.
Got wood? SYDCON gave me two logs worth... )
After all of this excitement it's back to work as per ususal. I've got my third drum lesson tomorrow & hopefully i've continued improving at the same rate. I'm also finally going to see West's art on thursday, some bands on friday and then to the theatre on saturday! I am, however, planning on not letting my current sleep bank get quite so depleted - at least for another week. Oh, just so you know, I finished knitting a spat (as per the pattern I found) and unfortuantly I'll need to make a few changes in order for it to be wearable by a human. Which is perfectly fine  by me, as I love dicking around with patterns and have allready pretty much thought out the necesscary changes. I'll  be completing at least one of the Turkish Delight socks first. That and i've now got a copy of Brideshead Revisited to watch and dvd's to place in LynZ's custody.

Speaking of which... I should be letting you all go.


~ Mishka

PS - any one with geek contacts in Sydney who run regular RPG things, please let me know. I've had a taste & now I want more.


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