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Evening all,

Hmmm. the internets feeding my addictions. Work today, first day back after holidaying was soo incredibly busy. I didn't get a lick of the inbound mountain done as I, under my bosses instructions, had to play Wii for 2 hours. Ridiculous but I apparently had catching up to do. Have been scouring for yet more patterns I want to make, finding groups on Ravelry (you'll find me as fishmouse), steampunkieness and trying to find a way to DIY emerald green dye. So far all suggestions seem to be 'muck around with local green foliage & cook until tasty'. If I can figure it out, I'll be dying two dresses green. Then I'll finally be able to wear them!! Shall also dye one shirt and two hats black at the same time.

Besides the sore feet, I've been feeling down. Again. No sooking this time, I swear. I've even considering using my super cute Barbie diary. Or baking a heap of dinosaur cookies. I probably should sleep. Or finally get around to starting a new project, even though each one is either waiting on yarn or needles. Or get off my lazy arse and create some more icons. This space needs a bit of a change.

OH, I should totally mention last night. SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS!!!! Sorry to shout but if you've seen them you'll understand my enthusiasm. Started out the evening by being late, misreading the tickets and landing myself, through some emotionally unsound decisions, in a sooky slump. Not at all helped by the headache lady wearing an entire bottle of Chanel no. 5 (I exaggerate, but honestly it smelt that strong). Thankfully, some excellent advice was followed, delivered to me from two darling people who are unfortunately far too used to my moods and sooks and I eventually chirped up. First act - too mellow for the crowd. The venue: I want to tear their hair out. Usually I am a calm, placid sort of person but really, the Sydney Festival 'Becks Bar' is badly designed, run and full of rude staff. That said they did get one thing right. Miss Sharon Jones. The Dap Kings. So my feet were planning a revolt and disconnecting themselves from my body and my headache was trying to escape through my skull but it was all worth it. Hours of funk, soul, dancing, cheering and avoiding the multitudes of dead soilders littering the ground. 
Funky musical sassy bipeds at thier best.

Also, happy 30th Motown! (I think that's right?)
Also, yay! for practice, sketching and sticking to it.

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Greetings all,

Today was a good day. Busy as I'm doing my regular job, desk shifts, being trained to start ILL next week, training my replacement and writing writing a guideline to my work to make training my replacement easier... it's not been too bad. I arrived at work to find mini cupcakes (seriously, bite sized), tasty chicken wings sitting in the kitchen. I was given a big bowl of yummy thank you soup in return for the bread i'd given yesterday and scored a tasty blood orange. Yummy lunch I didn't have to pay for or make myself! Awesome. It'll probably be the highlight of work this week.

Finally caught up with K.O. tonight. She wanted to harass me about how good friday night was, go on about Escape the Fate and bitch about my mother threatening to drag her off to Mormon church every time she swears (not my influence). Oh, and loving Death Note. I swear, I'm not the one suggesting these things to her! That and berating me for learning drums instead of bass as she wanted until I suggested a drum-off between the two of us. Once either of us can play that is.

I do suppose you're only fourteen once. On a less interesting note, I'm reading a book of English Grammar. Hopefully I'll learn a thing or two and what you read here will improve dramatically. I know most of you couldn't care less about this but nah. I wanted to tell someone.

I know, I know. I'm going off to do something more productive for a while.




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