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while my ego implodes. Times have not been the greatest, but I'm hoping for less static and clear waves soon.

Hello all, I am officially a year older, but really none the wiser. How are you all this fine day. It has been a while, hasn't it. Warning- if you don't like things out of sequence... tough.

Sunday 22nd: The cake without a cake. Family crashed the house and took me out to Yum-cha. Thoughtfull and tasty. Seafood apelnty, but no abalone *pouts* To those few who sent messages ,thankyou. I was truely touched by them and cannot thankyou enough for brightening the day. To those who didn't send me messages - I like to keep my birthdays as low key as possible, even to the point of not celebrating. Believe me, it can be done, even when reaching numbers generally accepted as big ones.

Thurs 19th: Hellogoodbye. So sweet those boys, but thier merch people need to be hit once again for not stocking 'L's or having anything but 's' in the pirate shirt I wanted. Oh well. That and thier short little set. Informed of a ticket for Dyaln: Roz was all 'but why' but i'm looking forward to it. Also Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is... Cobra Starship, The Cure

Thurs 12th: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Oh be still my little fan-girl heart. Greatest per-movie entertainment ever. Live predictions for the final book including the giant squid! Then being able to cheer and boo when called for throughout the movie. Then doing it all again on the 14th and the 16th. Giant 3D voldermort! 15 minutes of 3D Department of Mysteries thankyou very much.

Tues 10th: Barber of Seville. How best to sum this up in as few words as possible? Glowy happy face when exiting. Pleased that I understood more than I thought, which means I remember more Italian than I thougth I did. So good - all good. I need more Opera. Simple as that. The only bad thing - my youngest sister has informed me were I can buy the matadors hot-pink tights.

Saturday 21st: Gleewarts express. Bizzre morning, still doesn't seem entirely sketched in my memory. 4:00 start at Central and I hadn't slept in well over 24 hours by that stage. Many screaming children, hordes in costume, including myself. Book at 9:01 precisely. Animals. Entertainers. Borrowed an excedingly warm blue scarf which to my credit, I took off my neck and returned to it's rightful owener. Then reading. Oh my. Including a nap between 2-8pm, I still had it finished by sunday.

I believe that I will leave it there - i've done enough damage for one day.

Until next time, I remain,


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