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But not really. It's cold & I'm all rugged up inside knitting up a few christmas gifts.
Yes, that's right. It's not twitter assaulting your friends list. This is Mish. Yes, I will be spell checking this before sending it out. I hope the difference is noticeable.

First things first. You may have wondered why I haven't  a) posted about sending cards or b) enthusiastically put my hand up for other peoples cards. I've always felt awkward about sending cards & have never really gotten into it. Yes, I realise that this is most likely attributed to my laziness but i've again left it too late. I prefer to try to get around to communicating in some way or another instead.  I'll forgive you if you've noticed neither but will gladly send a hand made message of Christmas greetings to anyone who desires one.

Besides that, 'Frost vs. Nixon' is amazing. Kayne West broke Billy Corgan's record for the 'longest musician wank in concert' as witnessed by myself, coming in at a whopping 25 minutes. Also six costume changes, shoes included. Have added to my growing RPG skills by learning Tigris (which somehow won) and Illuminati. Campaigning shall resume when the full contingency are a) in the country and b) not sick. They are nice people and I'm learning all the time, which I believe is good. Still on the look out for more options, as always.

Speaking of which.... I should get back to T.Shirt hunting and yarn browsing.

Goodnight and warm snugglehugs to all,

~ Mishka
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Hmm.... if you don't know allready, I am a Harry Potter tragic. Tolkien as well. Hell, just a big book geek- sci/fi & fantasy specifically.

Went to Shearers to buy Charmed Knits, order Deathly Hallows (short walk from home thankyou very much. All you Gleewarts Express people have my envy) and a teach-yourself-elvish book. Informed the staff to remove the poster advertising the James Maloney author talk for this afternoon (friday 01/06) which we, Work and Shearer's, had unfortuantly cancelled earlier that day :(

Well, having decided to knit a POA scarf first, I decided to find out which house i'd belong in. Found this:
and gave it a go. Results: 92 Ravenclaw, 91 Hufflepuff, 56 Gryffindor and 43 Slytherin. RAVENPUFF! I was shocked, though undoubtably you who know me may not be that suprised. Thinking over it later that night I realised it's approprite. Shame because I quite like the Slytherin colours but I get tp socialise with all you Hogwartians & slap Cho!

Well, that's me for the week - I'm off down the coast for the weekend. BYE!


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