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Lets have it with a quick update, oh general public and assorted friends. To the assorted friends - some of this will be repetative.

Weekend - lets not go there.
Monday - finished phoenix and snowflake tattoo. Had a small one done in my grandfathers memory. The service is tomorrow - closure is what I need, but the waiting is awful.

Shall chat with happier news next week, possibly convince someone *throws glances at certain pirates* with pictures of the ink.
Farewell for now.
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So the plans changed....

I have had a design approved!! Granted it's the only one i've had the guts to show my tattooist, but still. He said he likes it, it's symmetrical and he's got a photocopy so come thursday night, i'm going to be getting a snowflake of my own design on my right arm (to fit into water theme). The hips are out for the time being.

Other news - I have awesome new boots, lace undergarments (was congratulated for not choosing the strapless options) and piercings!! Just the left ear and only 3 (it's the maximum that Robert would do at once. Any more will apparantly overtax my system). Tis, as confirmed by Miss Kitty (ie. Paige from In Visible Light) as 'hot'. Also purchased a mad hat. 'Tis white top hat with black trim and a mad flower/feather (slightly bedraggled) piece on the front. Half price 'cause the milliner thinks i'm a darling. Wore it all day too.

So no more plans for the ears till june (I want it all healed nicely first) and the ink is slowly being sketched and slated for future discussions and more sketching.

Now I just have to work like a demon. *sighs*
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Well, here it is. I want opinions. I want feedback. Most of all, I want.... well... INK. Dah mishka, dah.

Torso back (covering most):
Quetzacoatal, rainbow wings, dark grey/green hued body
Head up near nape of neck, body following the spine down to the end of the tail resting on my coxic. Wings fan out from shoulder blades and go down, possibly curving slightly around on the longer feather ends.

Limbs (themed):
LL- the verdant. Green vines and plants spiral climbing up leg (from roots lightly across foot). Include flowers, faries butterflies. Lush shades of green, birght pinks and purples.
RL – the tempest. Cyclonic air waves circling round up right leg rom light start on foot. Include a Pegasus and air sprites in air drifts. Use stormy shades of blue and gray.
LA – the placid. Calm waves flowing down left arm. Include mermaids, niskies and various other water creatures.
RA – the inferno. Flames blazing wildly down arm from shoulder junction. Have salamanders in flames and include a phoenix. Bright reds, oranges, deep pinks and yellows.

Arms - Extend to wrists, ¾ or elbow? To be decided
Legs – end just above knees, some parts higher than others.
Note: more mythical creatures to hide in the limb theme? Suggestions?

Torso front
Left breast (round outer edge) – black dragon, celtic knot-work inspired? Make sure it works with the birth mark
Right breast (round outer edge) – star shower, rainbow melding through them
Left hip – small starburst gold. Must be in sync. With existing surgical scars
Right hip – snowflake with ice cracks under neathpurple/silver
Crotch – black thorns. Dumped idea of Cerberus shadow attatched for the time being.

Other skin bits – white. The myan jigsaw-style connector piece so it looks like a complex maze, may include further small images also in white. My skin is just peaches&cream enough to pull it off. Most likely to be scrapped due to fading even though most of my skin (especially where the tattoo’s are going) aren’t ever going to see sunlight if I can help it.
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ah ha my dears, long time no read. No need to despair ... i'll try to keep this brief.

Breaking news: my mother begging me not to get a tattoo when I purposly let it slip over Easter that i've always wanted one (and not the many I ment). She instead endorses facial piercings - even explaining why I should get my nose pierced.
Kinda makes me want both. Not like she'll ever see the tatts untill sometime down the track if I ever get those stockings and sleves. Can't wait to see her reaction when my ears are done.

Tattoo 'grande planne' is being gradually worked out - mostly. Same with piercings. Now to find someome ('cause you all know i've been saving for a while) then 'bam' - INK!! Starting with something resonably small and easy to care for. Which I've changed my mind for again... kinda.

I have a computer - Free!! Long live Uncle Maurie giving me his old pc. It just needs a table, to be set up and for me to get an external harddrive (this thursday after work is the best bet) and ISP (my bro. & Pat. are endorsing Exetel). Then I can inflict pain upon you on a more regular basis. I can read soo much and return to my writing with a new idea started on the train this morning... the 6:15 (I was there at 6 'cause Dad was one his way to work for some minor emergency) which didn't come, so I got the 6:40 at about 7:00 when it came. sChItTY RAIL Illawarra style & hello peak hour!

My hair - needs a redye. Desperatly. Looking like a tequila sunrise which is very scary, even discounting the regrowth. Shall call the hairdresser, which means between work and trying to get better (yes, I know, no need for that face Jenn) means I shall be a busy girl. Pity I have jury duty thurs. - but hopefully with just one look i'll be discounted.

Should be off - I actually do work you know. To all those lucky enough not to be, enjoy the holiday,


ps - if you want it, I can outline the 'grande planne'. Only if there is demand. Sketches may have to wait unless you really want me scanning them in at work? Plus I need to get them up to my standards.
pps - my favourite aunt, Roz, flies in soon! Bringing Danno! So if I seem a little frazzled early May, you can surmise why.


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