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Oh but how I love Gym Class Heroes! So here it is... a nice long show wrap-up.

Sunday 29th July
Met Jenn at the station and journeyed for EasyWay while waiting for Eddie and Anne. I recieved funny looks for walking around with a cake box, but arrived, intact, and proceded to hang around. In a world first, the venue, 6 hours before doors open was like a ghost town. Dead! *sidetracked by MCR*
Thankfully, we ran into Natasha, Leone and Leanne so we passed the time drinking passable coffee/hot chocolates and talking bandom. Basiclly us on a normal day.

Seriously, no one else really came before 6:30, leaving me feeling ultra obsessed but with bragging rights of having briefly chatted to Travis while he was on a smoke break. Jenn kindly purchased my merch while I guarded the barrier - not that I needed to have worried. Seriously one of the nicest atmostpheres and non-mosh crowds ever gathered in the roundhouse.

First act - pretty ok. Plently of looks exchanged between Mr Snappy Hips lead singer and Miss Little Dress on the keyboards. Reconised some members having been in another band i've fed cookies to.

Gym Class Heroes.... OMG! Set list with Anne, ticket covered with signitures, Jenn cradelling Disashi's pick and being hugged prehaps a little vigioursly or in some cases, lingerly, stand out pretty clearly. Those boys were well and truly worthy of my impatience and boredom while waiting for them to come on stage. I threw my bats up, rocked, grooved, danced and saw Travi take his clothes off. Well, belts anyway. That and I felt good for remembering way more of thier songs than I initially thought. DeJesus on the tambourine is defenitly a sight to remember.

Then to home, force feeding of orange juice and unsuccesful attempts to sleep as I was a:overtired and b:still keyed up.

Looking forward to doing it all again with TAI and CS!

1 fortnight. 3 dudes. Trekgabe. Oh yeah.


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