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Mish is even willing to be photographed! Stay tuned for future postings online!
Today: Still blue/purple coloured. Fringe and hair in general is a: shorter b: asymetric and c: white extension pieces. So nearly got pink! I do not look like myself.
Everyone at work as said that they like it. The down side - being compared to a Peacock and a Bird-of-paradise. Strange.
While getting the hair done, recieved a phone call from my mother. K.O. had mentioned that I was having trouble finding all black hi-top chucks. They saw some, K.O. remembered how comfortable mine were and BAM - new chucks! It's a good thing Kathryn and I now have the same size feet - I am encouraging her to buy lots of good shoes so that when her feet invariable grow bigger, I get them! I am slowly but surely educating her in music too.

Sunday: AA gig. Five Star Friday played, were good. Opening acts contained formula metal, here's to my girlfriend rock and twee dyke pop. Interesting. Managed to creep out the scene kids by sitting with three people on a two seater sofa.

Friday: Keating! the musical.

Took my grandmother as an early birthday present for her. We LOVED it. Oh, words are vanishing from my mind as I try to set fingers to keys. Eddie Perfect - I have the most enormous crush on you. More polliticians in fishnets and corsets please... but only if they are cute and can sing. Also to whoever Mike McLeish (Mr Keating) - why oh why? You eerily resembled a young Keating on stage but why am I finding you attractive? Was it the slow dancing with Dr Hewson (take a bow Eddie) or your voice?

Terry Serio was chilling as Bonsai 'I want POWER' Howard. *shudders* Velcro clothes - brilliant! Though his Hawke swore less than I expected. Also cheers to Keyboardist Enio Pozzebon as Gareth Evens and Eden Ottignon as Cheryl Kernot and thier love serenade.

Fantastic. I could rave for ages. Filled with songs, references galore and is just - gah. So good I believe my liberal uncle (I do try to forget that little fact) would even enjoy it.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm a sucker for male brunette singers/preformers? Perhaps even those with glasses, heals, fishnets and corsets?


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