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Oh but how I love Gym Class Heroes! So here it is... a nice long show wrap-up.

Sunday 29th July
Met Jenn at the station and journeyed for EasyWay while waiting for Eddie and Anne. I recieved funny looks for walking around with a cake box, but arrived, intact, and proceded to hang around. In a world first, the venue, 6 hours before doors open was like a ghost town. Dead! *sidetracked by MCR*
Thankfully, we ran into Natasha, Leone and Leanne so we passed the time drinking passable coffee/hot chocolates and talking bandom. Basiclly us on a normal day.

Seriously, no one else really came before 6:30, leaving me feeling ultra obsessed but with bragging rights of having briefly chatted to Travis while he was on a smoke break. Jenn kindly purchased my merch while I guarded the barrier - not that I needed to have worried. Seriously one of the nicest atmostpheres and non-mosh crowds ever gathered in the roundhouse.

First act - pretty ok. Plently of looks exchanged between Mr Snappy Hips lead singer and Miss Little Dress on the keyboards. Reconised some members having been in another band i've fed cookies to.

Gym Class Heroes.... OMG! Set list with Anne, ticket covered with signitures, Jenn cradelling Disashi's pick and being hugged prehaps a little vigioursly or in some cases, lingerly, stand out pretty clearly. Those boys were well and truly worthy of my impatience and boredom while waiting for them to come on stage. I threw my bats up, rocked, grooved, danced and saw Travi take his clothes off. Well, belts anyway. That and I felt good for remembering way more of thier songs than I initially thought. DeJesus on the tambourine is defenitly a sight to remember.

Then to home, force feeding of orange juice and unsuccesful attempts to sleep as I was a:overtired and b:still keyed up.

Looking forward to doing it all again with TAI and CS!

1 fortnight. 3 dudes. Trekgabe. Oh yeah.
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while my ego implodes. Times have not been the greatest, but I'm hoping for less static and clear waves soon.

Hello all, I am officially a year older, but really none the wiser. How are you all this fine day. It has been a while, hasn't it. Warning- if you don't like things out of sequence... tough.

Sunday 22nd: The cake without a cake. Family crashed the house and took me out to Yum-cha. Thoughtfull and tasty. Seafood apelnty, but no abalone *pouts* To those few who sent messages ,thankyou. I was truely touched by them and cannot thankyou enough for brightening the day. To those who didn't send me messages - I like to keep my birthdays as low key as possible, even to the point of not celebrating. Believe me, it can be done, even when reaching numbers generally accepted as big ones.

Thurs 19th: Hellogoodbye. So sweet those boys, but thier merch people need to be hit once again for not stocking 'L's or having anything but 's' in the pirate shirt I wanted. Oh well. That and thier short little set. Informed of a ticket for Dyaln: Roz was all 'but why' but i'm looking forward to it. Also Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is... Cobra Starship, The Cure

Thurs 12th: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Oh be still my little fan-girl heart. Greatest per-movie entertainment ever. Live predictions for the final book including the giant squid! Then being able to cheer and boo when called for throughout the movie. Then doing it all again on the 14th and the 16th. Giant 3D voldermort! 15 minutes of 3D Department of Mysteries thankyou very much.

Tues 10th: Barber of Seville. How best to sum this up in as few words as possible? Glowy happy face when exiting. Pleased that I understood more than I thought, which means I remember more Italian than I thougth I did. So good - all good. I need more Opera. Simple as that. The only bad thing - my youngest sister has informed me were I can buy the matadors hot-pink tights.

Saturday 21st: Gleewarts express. Bizzre morning, still doesn't seem entirely sketched in my memory. 4:00 start at Central and I hadn't slept in well over 24 hours by that stage. Many screaming children, hordes in costume, including myself. Book at 9:01 precisely. Animals. Entertainers. Borrowed an excedingly warm blue scarf which to my credit, I took off my neck and returned to it's rightful owener. Then reading. Oh my. Including a nap between 2-8pm, I still had it finished by sunday.

I believe that I will leave it there - i've done enough damage for one day.

Until next time, I remain,
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Greetings all - it has been strange around here recently. On the upside Taffy has deigned to speak to me once more - but that's what hearing about his friends being harassed by creepy dudes will do to a fellow.

About that - why me? Hopefully the guy is an oppertunist and won't approach me again - i'd be liable to loose my temper & hurt him. I don't like creepy stalker dudes. Not at all. Then of course I stopped thinking and did stupid things - but also smart things according to the Constable taking my statement. Who likes Fall Out Boy. It was just what I needed to be on in the car when being driven back to my house. Seriel but reassuring.

On the upside and still on creepy guys, the one who was harassing me around Febuary (seriously, who delivers the line, sober I might add, 'if you want to have sex, you know where my room is and my sister isn't home for half an hour'. I'd allready told him more than once NOT INTERESTED! So naturally I excused my self and avoided him for about 5 months) Well, he came into work yesterday. I happened to be on the desk, but he is moving to another city! That and the messages i'd been ignoring for a week were because his girlfriend of 5 months (coincidence anyone) had dumped him. GRRRRR.

Is there any such thing as a nice guy or girl, attractive, great taste in music and likes most of the things I do? Who isn't allready taken? Who does is not or does not turn creepy? I'm begining to think the answers "No - what are you crazy or something? No such creature, Male or Female." *Lightening strike for emphasis*

Ah - the emo mini-rant. I'd like you to forget that particular outpouring if you don't mind - consider it therapy on my end if you must.

This little black bunny should be getting her plaid arse back to real work.

For more diversions... refer to your crystal ball. It'd make more sense,


PS: That lovely box of audible happiness has now made it home. Finally had a day where it wasn't raining afterwork so I could carry it out with no fears of possible damage. Thankyou to all who convinced me to listen to the inner voice which was jumping around squeeling to keep it.

PPS: The subject is spelt like that on purpose, in the style of one of the nominated illustrated books, 'Woolves in the sitee'. IT IS INTENTIONAL!
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Haven't done an update for a while... you lucky things.

Friday: Theatre Sports. Hilarious, as usual. Am considering dressing Film Noir for next week, which means wearing it to work and then to the Pre-Bookweek Launch I am attending. So the question is: ballgown or kitten.

Saturday: BRAND NEW! OMG I am covered in bruises & had to live with Average Dave grabbing my butt for a while but so worth it. Good way to kick off the long weekend. What is it with people called Caitlyn and playing the bass these days, I don't know.
Laz-o-meter: knitting, sowing and hot chocolate. Then stay overs and snuggles. FTW.
Biggest freak out: Waking up and hearing my mothers voice outside the door, then realising it's real because it's monday and she's not at her church.

The cat thing is true. Walking home from night shift, this particular cat will start mewing from three driveways away, gets up and walks to me, then starts with the figure eights and purring like mad. Sweet kitty but I am totally unacustomed to feline affection. I do find it amusing and yes, the cat gets attention.

Ah - leave it there. Enjoy the week,


ps - for those in the know, Lewis Jones really does like my hair.
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Greetings all from the desk with clear views to the smoke on the horizon! A quick diary update.... shorter than ever. Really boring actually.

Sunday: We, the family and I, gave mothers day another shot (we saw what happened the last time) which resulted in me outdoors in the sun! chasing my 3 year old cousin around and even bushwalking! Well, the Boronia Park equivalent.

The Used: Taffy was right. They do destroy Queen. Gratefully they quit after the first chorus - many, many fellow mosh-ees were screaming 'don't', 'stop' and 'it's not to late to forget this'.
Taffy was wrong: It wasn't all terrible. Had a pretty good time - screamed my lungs out then was informed "by the way, it's the bosses birthday. you're singing" when I arrived at work this morning. Still did an ok job of it. They played most of what I knew, got to hang out with good friends & shake my hair like crazy. Pity I got all dizy ... that's what a day in the sun with only soft-drinks will do to me. *acknowledges displeased faces*

The new theme - felt like a change. Needs tweaking but it'll do for the time being. Kind of a pick-me-up - my Aunt Roz and cousin Daniel fly out.... in about 20 minutes. I'll miss them, but not the Danno-sitting!
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Greetings all! Quick update today (& I promise to keep it short)

Saturday: Met up with Jenn, Cara, Anne & Clair in Newtown to take Anne for a look around. I behaved unreasonably well and didn't spend any money. Except for the 4 balls of purple wool. Still - that's nothing, right? *buries head in shame*
Saturday night - Comeback Kid and Sick Of It All. Great shows... new shirts (but not from my favourite shops in Newtown so 'nah'). Decided that my youngest sister, K.O. has to join a hardcore punk band - she has the voice allready. It was a good night.
Sunday - Slept in! I woke up late, let Jenn out & downed juice before my Aunt rang to say that she and monsterli had gone to Manly and not to worry about the planned YumCha lunch. Instead I bludged around all day & ate veggie spring rolls and dim-sims for dinner.

For all those who sent hugs and wishes for last thursday - thankyou. My emotions were everywhere and I can't express how much your support ment. *super hug* Especially my favourite pirate who put up with a scatty-depressed Mish, not to mention her family all day then dragged her out to a movie afterwards. Thankyou a million times over.
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Lets have it with a quick update, oh general public and assorted friends. To the assorted friends - some of this will be repetative.

Weekend - lets not go there.
Monday - finished phoenix and snowflake tattoo. Had a small one done in my grandfathers memory. The service is tomorrow - closure is what I need, but the waiting is awful.

Shall chat with happier news next week, possibly convince someone *throws glances at certain pirates* with pictures of the ink.
Farewell for now.
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Afternoon *tips imaginary top hat* Time for the dredded Mishka weekly update!

Friday: 30 seconds to mars. Jared (or Gerald Lero with a bad accent) is a pretty boy, this we all know, but walking around a constantly walking around the stage occasionally playing more than a few cords and yelling 'hey' and 'yeah' alot a rock star does not make. He also severely dissapointed me with the Adam Ant makeup (clothing to a degree) and no homage. Short set but they did promise to meet each and every fan for autographs and a chat afterward which did wonders to boost my thoughts on him.

Saturday: Wisely ditched the idea of sleeping out in the city and crashed mine. Then to Kings were Toni was waiting and the lovely staff took one look at us and handed that golden teaser, 'The Umbrella Academy' straight over. *angelic choir singing* Coincidentaly I may now have a longer list of purchases to me made from there & Kino. Saw the Benj, looking all perky & twisting his Stargate-style ring. Eventually after dumpling lunch & emergency juice/veggies made it home tired but happy.

What have I to look forward to now? Just: Nine Inch Nails! Both Wednesday and Thursday! Tomorrows outfit is planned: my purple/blue hair, calf lenghth boots with chains, soft black jeans, studded belt & chain, red collar w. optional chain and a long sleved black backless (ribbons across) shirt. This and freshened makeup should a bit gothy. Plans of full goth for thursday!
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'ello all. Been a busy week so far & it's only going to get worse. So here's the catch up....

Friday: My aunty Roz and her 3 yr old son Daniel arrive from Switzerland. Cousin Alison crashed on my floor as my uncle had picked her up from school on the way to the airport as she stays with him every weekend. Booked appointment with Ben & picked up a layby after work.

Saturday: Discover it is raining, no good when just about everything you own needs a clean. Found clothes & headed into the Metro to chillax & fangirl over pretty band boys with Anne-Marie and friendly randoms from Warilla. Got peppermint mocha - given larges when I paid for mediums so ta Starbucks. Hung around generally like a bad smell 'till Gakka arrived (late due to schitty rail) with more hanging around, met awesomess in glasses (who I've added now) then Jenn arived.

Fifty Sixx - first up. Pretty ok but ripped off every emo-band move like ever & I now know what a male Caitlyn looks like - scary (even told taffy but said he had the same expression she wears around jenn so he'd know what I was getting at). They gave us a poster afterwards, signed it & hung around talking to us. The cute gutiarist hugged me whenever he walked past, so I felt pretty special.

Bagstar - the ska. They were awesome & I kinda hit on the trombonist afterwards when purchasing some music (for the grand total of $5!). The trumpeter adorably rocked out the whole time but I didn't get to tell him since they were a back door no show :(

BILLY TALENT - OMG! Soooo goood. Their set is pretty much an imperfect image punctuated by the sharpest images and snatches of songs.... 'twas excellent. Ian's hair was marvelous & I told him so & ben somehow lost his shirt 3 songs in. Such sweethearts with thier speaches about respect and amusing anti-Bush asides. Managed to score signitures & hugs (two from Ben & Ian) and then photos despite the fact that I had the faint lingering odour of mosh clinging to my skin. Told them all thanks for comming, they were awesome and to come again 'cause we'd love to have them back. Oh yes, I now are the proud owner of a Fallen Leaves hoodie (soo comfy) and Billy Talent wrist band which is bastard child of a seatbelt and blood red paint. Did I mention that I was one back dead center - able to practiculy see minute details of Ben's pretty butterflies and other Ink?

Sunday: Recover from saturday night. After gig & fanning out, bloody trains /busses not running. Anne & Gakka got thiers but Jenn & I - nothing. Jenn crashed mine beacause of the late, no transport (not even a free cab) and like hell I was letting her walk home alone at that hour. I'm even just not that crazy. So post that & walking her back to hers in the sunning sun, it was chill & get reading all day long.

Monday: We all know what time it is.... ink! Jenn & Cara decided to grace me with thier presences, incredibly sweet of them, while I waited for show time. Have new ink: pretty phoenix. Was asked about the personal significance but couldn't answer - too soon. Then La Madre turned up & waited too... Have booked another session, which is Ben's last tattoo before he flies out to Edinburgh for a stint. He's going to shadow and highlight the snowflake, fix up (if needed) and bleed out the pheonix's black edges and he said he'll throw in a freebee! I believe that I may have his respect.

Work has been chaotic... to say the least. I managed to get flu shots in though so hopefully i'll be of the healty this winter. Looking forward to the internet workshop thursday for the pure 'it's not work' factor (despite the fact i'll have to write a report & take action from it), friday with 30 seconds to mars then 'international free comic day!' - going to Kings & maybe a cameo at Kino if i'm not terribly tired, see about the hairs then dinner with some of my fellow compatriots for Spanish!

Better be getting back... tummy is all growly and I'm working overtime tonight (yeah to the OT money)...

Mishka with the green bow.

PS - Myspaced fifty sixx & got the sweetest response from the hugging gutairist. Shall find out if they are calling blondie Katie now.

PPS - FINALLLY got my letters from Tafe saying that I've completed the course... then discovered (yesterday) that graduation is this friday night. Typical.

EDIT: Yes, the rumours are true. I was wearing corsety-clothes under my top and it worked (so what if it was the only non-lace bra non-real-corset thing clean).
Upside: not once did my back get twisted or elbowed - perfect posture and boning kept the buggers away and no bruises!
Downside: Fewer hugs since I was not soft and squisy and NOT being able to drop the posture all day and all night. Luckily mine is pretty good allready.
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Greetings all!
Have you ever wanted to kick anyone but resisted the urge? Well, I indulged on sunday and promptly kicked myself for forgetting, mayhaps on purpose, to purchase a Soundwave ticket. Line up was great and I love a bit of the wet drizzle, though you wouldn't get me in a white top out there. i ain't that crazy.

Shopping front has cleared up. Now are officially the owner of two mini living dead dolls. I'm being exceptionally generous and donating them to the gothic doll house my youngest sister is making in design & tech. She said it's mine and has promised me a coffin bed and bats somewhere, so it's ok to loan them to her. They go missing.... I won't be impressed. Also own a luxurious dark purple velvet coat *purrs* Tis very nice.

Breaking (well not so, but still current) News:

FULL TIME WORK!! *cackles furiously*

That coupled with friends no longer fighting, the imminent arrival Fall Out Boy and the Mardi Gras grande parade, 'tis a good time to be me. *knocks on head* Now if I could only sing...

Cheers & peace out!!
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Interesting events. Mother visited saturday, then I visited my Nono. Depressing. He was having a very clear day too... completlry there.
Sunday - Mardi Gras Fair!! Got sunburned boobs, but that's my own fault for
a: having burn easy skin
b: not enough sunscreen and parasol occasionally not up
c: wearing a mad black and white striped corset which left them exposed to the suns harmful rays.
~ at least I looked hot!

My hair is now fuchsia with dark purple lurking in the back. I personally like it. Not sure which colour is better.... get second opinions.

Yesterday - Holy Hell!
Taffy was all bitchy. Bitchy with a capital 'B'. So I may have encouraged him a little believing it was general grumbles which needed to be said, which was true at first. Then came the text. So I stole his cigarettes... to aid with his 'quitting'. The bugger had my phone & didn't tell me what he'd sent till after the fact. Then... gunshot. Hit the tree across from where we were sitting, harmlessly listening and singing to Fall Out Boy. Shit! The last vestiges of my naivety were pretty much vapourised on the spot. Those I am aware of. Silently freaked out while walking home, at night, along the mostly dark roads 'cause council are too stingy to provide more than one street light per street aside from the biggest roads. My Chemical Romances 'vampires will never hurt you' was loud and on repeat - saving my sanity.

Then the stress and worry... reassuring Jenn that I was ok, franticly trying to recall all of the rants i'd witnessed earlier and not to hurt her anymore while giving the honest truth - i suck at that. Not the honest part - the hurting people, especially when I try not to. Trying not to imagine worst case scenarios, which i've never been good at. In short - Stress! Anxiety! Revelation! (the source of fresh tears) Tears by the pool table, split ink on paper and 3 pages of writing (over the top of abstract ink creations). Some of which should see the light of day. One day.

I believe that i'm blaming myself, which I know I have a tendency to do. Then again I also hate friends fighting... anyone fighting actually. I like arguing and teasing, but only if it's fun and good natured and all parties know it. Didn't sleep worth a damn - worried about Jenn being all upset as my mind went overboard with unscheduled excursions to worst-case-scenario land etc.

*Sighs* Could really do with a visit from my local hug merchant, unfortunately not a chance of that. Hug merchants are busy people in high demand. Maybe i'll chillax with some more ink-art, dodgy celebrity dancers (face it, it's amusing to see them make fools of themselves) then semi-chat if all parties are calm enough. This is no time for serious conversations over the phone - that's a strictly face to face deal when all parties are amenable.

*hugs self* Back to work I go. Lets hope i'm a little less tired and a whole lot less concerned next time I write one of these extended public notes to my self.


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