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Greetings all - it has been strange around here recently. On the upside Taffy has deigned to speak to me once more - but that's what hearing about his friends being harassed by creepy dudes will do to a fellow.

About that - why me? Hopefully the guy is an oppertunist and won't approach me again - i'd be liable to loose my temper & hurt him. I don't like creepy stalker dudes. Not at all. Then of course I stopped thinking and did stupid things - but also smart things according to the Constable taking my statement. Who likes Fall Out Boy. It was just what I needed to be on in the car when being driven back to my house. Seriel but reassuring.

On the upside and still on creepy guys, the one who was harassing me around Febuary (seriously, who delivers the line, sober I might add, 'if you want to have sex, you know where my room is and my sister isn't home for half an hour'. I'd allready told him more than once NOT INTERESTED! So naturally I excused my self and avoided him for about 5 months) Well, he came into work yesterday. I happened to be on the desk, but he is moving to another city! That and the messages i'd been ignoring for a week were because his girlfriend of 5 months (coincidence anyone) had dumped him. GRRRRR.

Is there any such thing as a nice guy or girl, attractive, great taste in music and likes most of the things I do? Who isn't allready taken? Who does is not or does not turn creepy? I'm begining to think the answers "No - what are you crazy or something? No such creature, Male or Female." *Lightening strike for emphasis*

Ah - the emo mini-rant. I'd like you to forget that particular outpouring if you don't mind - consider it therapy on my end if you must.

This little black bunny should be getting her plaid arse back to real work.

For more diversions... refer to your crystal ball. It'd make more sense,


PS: That lovely box of audible happiness has now made it home. Finally had a day where it wasn't raining afterwork so I could carry it out with no fears of possible damage. Thankyou to all who convinced me to listen to the inner voice which was jumping around squeeling to keep it.

PPS: The subject is spelt like that on purpose, in the style of one of the nominated illustrated books, 'Woolves in the sitee'. IT IS INTENTIONAL!


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