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Good morning all *embraces warmly* Welcome to another rainy monday morning for your belated mishka update!

Go to House of Pain. Get tattoo. Pain - what pain. Like a low grade buzz/tingle the whole time. Looks pretty, my own design. It's a snowflake which kinda looks like a compass and is apparently 'very miska' (cheers Bryce). It's healing very well, the family does not know about it yet. You'll understand why soon.

AGNSW for Tezuka! exshibition. The manga-loving parts of my soul were in Nirvana gazing at framed and mounted original panels while the pure art geek was all *buzzzzz* at every single picture. Was disctracted by serialist paintings on the way out. Then to a lunch of champions, vegetable and prawn dumplings before visting Kinokuniya, one mecca of books. Oh, I also tried L&P, a drink for the absolute win from New Zealand. Then I discovered that my lemon tic-tacs have a remarkably simmilar taste. Hmmm..... yum. Still are yet to uncover a stockist of the pink grapefruit variety.
There, after i'd glazed over at the pretty and not purchased stationary I found it. THE ULTIMATE SANDMAN VOL.1 My inner geek came back out and was all "mine mine mine". Jenn, Jem and Anne-Marie all promised me love, Jenn's forever if I let her read it. So I purchased it (with 15% off, thankyou discount card) and with my more than willing accomplice carting the goods, headed off home to inspect my gold.
I arrived, most unfortunatly, 5 minutes too early. My mother + k.o. had been visiting and i'd pretty much missed them up till that point. My mother saw the ear piercings (harmless I say, not even the face. I had even told her that I was getting them) and 'slap' right across the face... in front of Jenn, no less. Ko was acting just like a 13 yo bitch, which she is. Awkward it was.
So I escaped at the next first oppertunity after what felt like an eternity (more like 2 mintues - sorry Jenn) and opened the book - choirs of angels did sing. My mind did not explode - it shall later. I let Jenn have first read - i'm planning on starting to reading it come ANZAC day. ALl was great with the world untill...
Disaster! My piercings, lobe no.2 and rook were fine but the contrast started to bleed for no good reason at all. I hadn't even bumped it! Blood everywhere! I dashed to the bathroom & stripped my shirt off - I resembled the victem of a car crash with a blood covered torso. I grabbed the first thing come to hand, my clean but used for pink hair towel (fine as it's allready stained) and applied pressure. Started to try not to panic. Failed.
Jenn of the level head calmed me down.... more than once and got me cleaned up. Then escorted me to the medical centre where half and hour after it started, the blood stopped. The doctor gave me a stern look for not remembering to apply ice to constrict the blood vessels. The nurse didn't let Jenn into the treatment room untill she had over heard her talking to the receptionist about the girl with the blood-soaked towel from her ear. I had requested that my friend be allowed in but I guess that she forgot. On the upside my Bane hoodie looks beyond hard core with bloodstains on the white lettering.
I got snacks from the new-ish (least to me) Indian place on Norton st and was escorted back home where I bravely ingested a half glass of full strength orange juice. Then it started again. Luckily I had new bandages to slap on and Jenn made me an ice pack to put on it - and the bleeding stopped quite quickly. I'd lost enough blood in the past hour anyway. I was leactured in a non leacture-y way about caring for the ear and looking after myself before La Madre arrived and Jenn left for Castle Greyskull... without Sandman. It's safe and sound in my room.

Sunday: Brewhaha
Reletivly unexciting to begin with - thought I saw Audrey in a horrific dress, but it was only a look alike. Ska music bands - nice. Didn't skank as with my cup size it's not entirely reccomended - have been offered a privite lesson to correct this problem. Trannie skank - only mocked from distance, no confrontation as i'd have bitched her out and possibly wacked her one. Honestly, more than one. Jenn handled her very well while Anne-Marie and I resisted full blown laughter at her sheer idiocy.
Toni + bf where there, always nice to run into them. The last band was much better than the first, FiveStarFriday. Hit on the gutiarist and told him that the tie he had (stolen by some emo kid) was a nice shade of purple. He was flattered, and no, I wasn't dressed as an emo kid. I swear I wasn't. Three Quarters Hazel were full of love for all - which was kinda sweet in a 'shake your hips to our tribal drumbeats'kinda way. Dinner - at the local chinese place....mmmm tasty. Very nice to eat out with some of my favourite people.

Now i'm all a working again.... desiging tattoo the next before Ben goes the Edinburgh for a 6 month stint, making hairy plans, portable hardrives and trying to find someone with XP discs that I can use to install on my new computer, which is from 2000 and is alive enough for me to install some software. Updated graphics/sound/internet once it's up and running. It's pratically new though and looks good on the desk I purchased & polished friday morning.

Untill next time.... I send you all kisses of good fortune and blood free glasses,



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