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'ello all. Been a busy week so far & it's only going to get worse. So here's the catch up....

Friday: My aunty Roz and her 3 yr old son Daniel arrive from Switzerland. Cousin Alison crashed on my floor as my uncle had picked her up from school on the way to the airport as she stays with him every weekend. Booked appointment with Ben & picked up a layby after work.

Saturday: Discover it is raining, no good when just about everything you own needs a clean. Found clothes & headed into the Metro to chillax & fangirl over pretty band boys with Anne-Marie and friendly randoms from Warilla. Got peppermint mocha - given larges when I paid for mediums so ta Starbucks. Hung around generally like a bad smell 'till Gakka arrived (late due to schitty rail) with more hanging around, met awesomess in glasses (who I've added now) then Jenn arived.

Fifty Sixx - first up. Pretty ok but ripped off every emo-band move like ever & I now know what a male Caitlyn looks like - scary (even told taffy but said he had the same expression she wears around jenn so he'd know what I was getting at). They gave us a poster afterwards, signed it & hung around talking to us. The cute gutiarist hugged me whenever he walked past, so I felt pretty special.

Bagstar - the ska. They were awesome & I kinda hit on the trombonist afterwards when purchasing some music (for the grand total of $5!). The trumpeter adorably rocked out the whole time but I didn't get to tell him since they were a back door no show :(

BILLY TALENT - OMG! Soooo goood. Their set is pretty much an imperfect image punctuated by the sharpest images and snatches of songs.... 'twas excellent. Ian's hair was marvelous & I told him so & ben somehow lost his shirt 3 songs in. Such sweethearts with thier speaches about respect and amusing anti-Bush asides. Managed to score signitures & hugs (two from Ben & Ian) and then photos despite the fact that I had the faint lingering odour of mosh clinging to my skin. Told them all thanks for comming, they were awesome and to come again 'cause we'd love to have them back. Oh yes, I now are the proud owner of a Fallen Leaves hoodie (soo comfy) and Billy Talent wrist band which is bastard child of a seatbelt and blood red paint. Did I mention that I was one back dead center - able to practiculy see minute details of Ben's pretty butterflies and other Ink?

Sunday: Recover from saturday night. After gig & fanning out, bloody trains /busses not running. Anne & Gakka got thiers but Jenn & I - nothing. Jenn crashed mine beacause of the late, no transport (not even a free cab) and like hell I was letting her walk home alone at that hour. I'm even just not that crazy. So post that & walking her back to hers in the sunning sun, it was chill & get reading all day long.

Monday: We all know what time it is.... ink! Jenn & Cara decided to grace me with thier presences, incredibly sweet of them, while I waited for show time. Have new ink: pretty phoenix. Was asked about the personal significance but couldn't answer - too soon. Then La Madre turned up & waited too... Have booked another session, which is Ben's last tattoo before he flies out to Edinburgh for a stint. He's going to shadow and highlight the snowflake, fix up (if needed) and bleed out the pheonix's black edges and he said he'll throw in a freebee! I believe that I may have his respect.

Work has been chaotic... to say the least. I managed to get flu shots in though so hopefully i'll be of the healty this winter. Looking forward to the internet workshop thursday for the pure 'it's not work' factor (despite the fact i'll have to write a report & take action from it), friday with 30 seconds to mars then 'international free comic day!' - going to Kings & maybe a cameo at Kino if i'm not terribly tired, see about the hairs then dinner with some of my fellow compatriots for Spanish!

Better be getting back... tummy is all growly and I'm working overtime tonight (yeah to the OT money)...

Mishka with the green bow.

PS - Myspaced fifty sixx & got the sweetest response from the hugging gutairist. Shall find out if they are calling blondie Katie now.

PPS - FINALLLY got my letters from Tafe saying that I've completed the course... then discovered (yesterday) that graduation is this friday night. Typical.

EDIT: Yes, the rumours are true. I was wearing corsety-clothes under my top and it worked (so what if it was the only non-lace bra non-real-corset thing clean).
Upside: not once did my back get twisted or elbowed - perfect posture and boning kept the buggers away and no bruises!
Downside: Fewer hugs since I was not soft and squisy and NOT being able to drop the posture all day and all night. Luckily mine is pretty good allready.


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