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Greetings all,

Only 1 week of work to go!! Yes, I am looking forward to Chirstmas and with luck, all my Christmas goodie grabbing will be done on time and go down well. Have just completed K.O.'s fetching wristlets & I have way to many knitting plans for my current wool stash & are constantly resisting the temptation to go out and purchase scads of expensive but lushlushlush yarn. My next project? I'm caught between more wristlets for K.O., a fish beanie for Danno (almost 5 yo cousin in Switzerland), a fancy-schmanzy versatile shawl or some kind of jumper/vest. Decisions, decisions.

I had a visitor at work today - my favourite lesbian from council (who I've been told may have very well been hitting on me). I accuse her of being dorkier than me - she was bouncing when she saw me (granted, I was doing the same as I invariably do when sighting a friend) and she had a toy dog strapped to her helmet. The latest pet is Pedro? & I've seen photos. Only 10 of them. Just the dog. Pet chats. No motorbikes this time, though the pushie outside was a pretty clear indicator that she hasn't purchased one yet.

Ooh- what other animal should match with a penguin? The wristlets for K.O. will have a penguin on one but I don't know what for the other? can't be a monkey because that's going on her birthday Tabi. Argh, Christmas is too soon this year. If anyone could lend me their time machine for, say, about a week, i'd be vary greatful.

'Fetching' can be round here:
The 'Fish Hat' can be found here:
~ Yes, I love Knitty.

Besides that, I'm a little annoyed by: the general public, therapists who aren't there when you finally get the guts to call for an appointment, boys, cute people I can't hit on and being jealous/depressed/out-of-it & jerk-like around my friends. I've been... messy. It's not so good.

Off to plan my next knitting adventure and get in some drumming practice (I'm doing well for someone without a kit to practice on daily),

~ mish

PS - Snugglehugs to all. Have been in a snuggly mood for the past few days with no real opportunities to act out my impulse, so you'll all have to suffer instead. *tacklesnugglehugs*


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