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See, I was being serious. No pics untill I have the scanner-of-stress up and running. (I don't have a pic. for this. Probably for the best).

Title: Don't mention Pon Farr
Author/Artist: miska
Fadom(s): Fall Out Boy, Star Trek
Pairing(s): n/a
Rating: pg, au, ooc
Summary: A silly little piece of fandom-crack written after being hit by an image of Pete with Spock ears. I hope you like it.

Don't Mention Pon Farr

"For the last time, Pete," Patrick said without looking up from his perch on the bunk above Pete's, fingers fumbling slightly as he fastened unfamiliar boots. "Will you leave those ears alone."

Scowling, Pete dropped his hands to the gold braid edging his cuffs, and fiddled with that instead.
"Dude," he scowled, glancing over to where Andy and Joe were sitting- on his bunk, in their gold and blue shirts, ready to go and bickering over a magazine. "How come I-"
"You lost the bet with Ash, remember," said Andy, voice laced with amusement. "You ready, Patrick?"
"Ready." He strode to the door, adjusting the avocado green wrap fastened around his torso. "Coming, Pete?"

"This is highly fucking illogical," Pete moaned, tugging down his hemline and trudging to the door. "How about you go on ahead? I'll meet you there after I've adjusted these ears."
"And give you the opportunity to change into a pair of pants? I don't think so," Joe exclaimed, herding a reluctant Pete out into the parking lot. "It's just a dress. You've worn one before and it's only for one show. You got something against Vulcans?"

"No, and it's a five show deal," Pete muttered under his breath. "Ash is going easy on me with this one."
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