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hmm... Mish is not a happy Mish.

Occasionaly I decide that I shouldn't speak anymore. This rarely goes as far as determining the exact methods to prevent me from ever communicating whilst remaining alive but that I shouldn't speak isn't so rare. It's also pretty common in my dreams (though not as much as my beloved dinosaurs). This is always after i've been emotional, upset myself, opened my mouth and said something, upset my self further and didn't learn from the just previous experience. It's a loopy mess. It doesn't last too long physically, I sulk once I'm back to rational thought patterns & continue. It usually results in me pulling myself away from most online speaking opportunities for quite a while. I tend not to go anywhere near here when depressed. You can always tell when I'm back because I post. Today is an exception. I'm cranky with myself and I  guess I felt like complaining/explaining or something like that.

Today I saw Ponyo. Everything I've heard about this film was true and more. By the time the end credits bounced cheerily onto screen it was cemented in my head as my favourite Studio Ghibli film of all time. I'd pay full price to see it again. In a heart beat. I want to wrap myself up in it's adorableness, snuggle deep and sleep untill I'm feeling better. Good luck honey. Seriously though, it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I'd tie it with Wall-E and Grave of the Fireflies for emotional movement and love-for.

Right now I should be producing something for the zine instead of feeling parinoid about showing people, by which I mean ANYONE, my work. It's all caught up in my issues (as is everything else I ever whinge about) but I said I would and so I shall, even if the idea can petrify me in an instant.  Tempted by dinosaurs, which I love but fear is fatal because Dinosaur Comics is so fantastic. *sighs* I really do whinge here alot, don't I? No need to comment, I know the truth. I think it actually is time for another break after all.

Farewell for now,

~ mishka.
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