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GRRRR, DAMNIT. I totally had a fantastic post, ready to go but bumped keyboard and lost it *sobs* Sorry all but you'll never know now.


I have been as busy as always and have regretably neglected you all.
No, I'm not procrastinating. Whatever gave you that idea. I totally don't have skeins of Debbie Bliss 'Pure Silk' sitting on my bed next to my newly christened 'zine' sketch pad with half finised ideas in it. I am feeling a little smug as I now have one sleeve left of my cardigan to knit! Nearly finished. All I have left after that is to attatch the sleaves, shape the yoke and add the button holes. Then I'll have to post it's sage greeness so I can smug some more.

Things I can cross off my list: Anberlin. Seeing how many years ago I adored them you'd think i'd be more excited about it all wouldn't you? I did hear them play Bryce and my song, a few more I used to love & then I had to go. The sound was absolutly appaling from all corners of The Roundhouse and besides, I was hungry. The Academy Is... brilliant as always and played another great show. I had a really good time. It kind of makes my sad even now that I wasn't all amped and that Anberlin kinda dissapointing from my ears being driven crazy but eh. Now I've seen them I can close the book on that and move along to the next show which makes me squeak from buzzy joy.
I kinda still can't belive that come the end of the month I will have finally seen them live. I also get to see the Mikado again. Sometimes I can't belive how lucky I am, being able to see many great bands, operas and plays. On a brighter note, I have finally seen the fantastic Mr Ben Folds. I am soo hitting that gig up the next time he lands on my shores. He is AMAZING! (but you all know that allready, don't you).

I have been soo decidedly lazy today but rememberd to ring my dad for Fathers Day. He was happy for the call & we talked football for a while (my dads team topped the table) andrecent events before promising to organise my siblings so we can have a birthday dinner for myeslf and fathers day dinner for him. It'll only be about two months late when it happens for me but better late than never. I'm missing them all today, can you tell?

*checks time* I should go and prep. some dinner or something and make some decisions and not just read fantastic Holmes/Watson fic (I blame you, Maggie).

~ mishka

HUGS TO EVERYONE - esp. Sunny and her latest fantastic piece of fic (read to me by my darling Jenn).
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