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or it's warmer in my basement, but that's only in the winter time.

Welcome my dears to Mishka's sporadic bitch session. Today's bitch, whinge and complain has been brought to you by one of the last slices of another delicious Zweifers cake.

Bitch: Bullying type behaviour and intimidation tactics in the workplace. I am not happy about that.
Whinge: The maternity leave position officially ended last wednesday but I do have lots of casual work atm. Good news is that I am being paid out for annual leave, sick leave and leave-in-liu. Excellent. Thankyou council.
Complain: ... Its hardly been cold enough this winter. Also my cousins are loud. Very loud, in that way young children have of being loud.

Well, thats taken care of. Health wise I am much better than when I last typed as I'm down to a mild case of the sniffles. Feeling a little down but I think that's due to almost everyone I know being on holidays right now and being able to hang out while I am working. *sigh* I'll just have to plan holiday time for later.

Report: Drum Kit.
It is fantastic! More matte than shiny & still requiring a stool (I find it awkward practicing from a proper chair) but it is soo much fun. It has functions! Hopefully I will start improving faster and build some fantastic confidence as well as some wicked beats. I feel pretty proud for assembling it properly and not needing to change anything accross. I need to name her/him/it & then I'm done.

My new bed is providing me with better sleep for which I am very thankful. It's about damn time too. I've decorated it with my Pirate Lanterns and are considering purchasing more lanterns to wind around the top. I don't have them plugged in all the time, don't worry about that.

If there's anything I promised last time & haven't delivered.... I'll re-read the last entry, find out & do something. Likely apologise but I might actually carry it through too. Ok OK, I'll investigate.

~ Mishka
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