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Greetings GQMFs,

This week hasn't been exciting. In fact, I've barely been outside at all. I've been sick, which sucks, but am better, which is excellent! This does mean that I should be well enough to face work tomorrow morning but I'm kinda getting sick of sleeping all day. I lie. I love sleeping all day.

Things Mishka now knows:

* My cousin is 5 & 1/2, very bright and VERY LOUD. He also likes showing off and has surprisingly good manners when he isn't preforming.
* The last movie my aunt fully cried to exhaustion in a film was....  Wrath of Kahn! I know you know when. (brought up while waiting for my doctor at 9:30 pm on sat. 4/7 because someone mentioned Bambi.)
                  Ok, so this one requires some background. I was, as assured by my Aunt who'd taken me to see Bambi at the State Theatre, inconsolable after watching the scene where Bambi's mother died. I kept saying 'Bambi's mum is dead. I know the truth'. I had to be taken out and missed most of the film calming down. Apparently the other children thought she'd gone on holiday or something? At least I didn't break a talking mirror that time.Truefax.
* Ibuprofen can make me vomit.
* My mum won't give up on the 'get an "interesting" haircut' angle. Then again, we're all as stubborn as each other.
* I have a sister with the favourite colour 'yellow', matched by the afore mentioned cousin.
* Orange glucose sachets aren't all that bad...except for the last sip which makes me go 'bluwahwohwha

Before I go, things of excitement!

1) I HAVE A NEW BED! Exciting because I've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the past year and a half because the old one, a lovely freebie, creaked whenever I breathed.

2) K.RUDD brought me an electric drum kit. Which means I never have an excuse not to have practiced again but still, YAY!

Well, this annoying, overgrown (see the hair) aquatic chicken should be leaving you now for her beauty sleep.


~ mishka

PS: SUPERNOVA & GQMF & 70th Birthdays to come in the next exciting update!

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